The new PAUL MARIO DAY's australian band called CRIMZON LAKE

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CRIMZON LAKE EP is now on sale via Utopia Records in Sydney, Australia. 
Crimzon Lake, a new dynamic band made up with experienced and accomplished musicians. 

Pic courtesy by Crimzon Lake FB

Front man vocalist is Paul Mario Day. 
Paul began his career singing for Iron Maiden, Wildfire, More and The Sweet before settling in Australia. Crimson Lakes style is perfectly suited for Paul’s vocals, it the kind of voice that gives you goose bumps. Danny Jackson is the guitarist, also supporting vocals. 

Pic courtesy by Crimzon Lake FB

A musical genius, he not only plays the most complex and difficult riffs, but plays them with consummate ease. Danny doesn’t overplay, he allows the songs to breath, something rare in guitarists.
Mark Middleton is the bassist and backing vocalist. A player who likes a huge sound and knows how to get the most out of every song. Mostly moving bass lines but keeps it straight when required. Mark playing adds to the dynamics of the band.

Alex (SAZ) Sazdanoff is the drummer. Very precise, a guy who pays attention to detail and works hard behind the scenes to achieve the high standard he has attained. The combination of Paul’s voice and the three musicians is a kind of magic.



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