No Place For Heroes: New Single "Girls Want Bad Boys" Available For Free

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Paris-via-Montreal rockers No Place For Heroes juste put their new single, "Girls Want Bad Boys" online for free download.
The song is available through click here

"'Girls Want Bad Boys' is a straight-to-the-point kind of song," comments NPFH guitarist/vocalist, Will Maurer. "It's rock arranged and composed like an energetic electronica track. We wanted to make a point of underlining the changes that are coming with this new album we are working on, which will be more rock with some electronica influences."

The single was recorded in winter 2012 in Paris, with the same crew (Krang Team) that produced the first NPFH album.

"This single has sort of a tragicomic concept," explains Maurer. "It's about a regular guy who finds himself in a car chase with the police after having pulled a stunt to impress a girl... because girls want bad boys! We're talking about doing all this in a video eventually."

NPFH transplanted themselves to Montreal from Paris in 2011 after several high-profile performances in Europe, alongside major international acts such as Down, Scorpions and Skunk Anansie. They have since released their debut self-titled album, produced a music video for the song "Surrender" and played several important gigs, including co-headlining Montreal's Club Soda. Following the release of the new single "Girls Want Bad Boys", the band is continuing to write a second album and to perform live across Quebec.

Built for the stage, NPFH presents a dynamite cocktail of sounds, combining the heaviness of rock, the power of metal as well as a hint of progressive, all supported by an over-the-top theatrical stage presentation. Fans of the riffs of Rage Against The Machine and The Deftones, the energy of the Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age, and the presence of Tool and System Of A Down will definitely find music for them in NPFH.

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