NWOBHM legendary concert Friday 1st MARCH & Saturday 2ed MARCH 2013

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Bro(UK) Promotions, Beatdown Records, High Roller Records, Unsilent Tombs Records, Gabriel Management and Downcast Studios. Proudly Present a night of Legendary NWOBHM! 

Bands in alphabetical order:

AMULET(UK) - The best new British Heavy Metal band around, with an absolute amazing demo tape released in 2011 soon to be released on 7". Taking the best of all the the great forerunners of the NWOBHM genre and smashing it into 2012, get ready for these guys to explode off the stage in a sea of smoke and spandex!

AVENGER(UK) - Local NWOBHM heros return will a new line up and a full on rock and roll show for you guys! This is going to be nuts, just watchout for that hammer!

BADGE(UK) - Neat Records blues inspired NWOBHM. After releasing a rather outstanding single back in 1981, these guys broke up with very sporadic/rare performances over the years. In 2012 with a brand new album out on the Germany Manics HIGH ROLLER RECORDS these guys are back to make you swing your hips! COME ON!

BASHFUL ALLEY(UK) - IT'S ABOUT TIME! First and only reunion of the legendary Staffordshire 3 piece! Classic NWOBHM for all your hip swingers out in the U s of K! 

BATTLEAXE(UK) - Sunderland Nwobhm legends back at it with a new album under their belts. Making a rather rare live apperance in the North East and getting ready to burn this town to the ground!

DEEP MACHINE(UK) - East End Boys from 1979, releasing only 4 demos back in the 80's, which as you can hear for yourself are packed with the classic NWOBHM sound. The guys are back and releasing a very ltd EP also a new album soon. The Demon Preachers are ready to rock you back to 1979!

HOLOCAUST(UK) - FIRST EVER PERFORMANCE IN NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE!. The Scottish Nightcomers land in Newcastle for a very special apperance before their performance at the ever excellent Keep It True Festival. John and the guys are coming to destroy the home of NWOBHM with some outstanding HEAVY METAL MANIA for you 'bangers!!!!!

HOLOSADE(UK) - Shildons Nwobhm thrash lengeds back for another rip roaring run through the Hell House for all you 'bangers. You may even be treated to a couple of DARK HEART numbers :o !

SALEM(UK) - Formed in 1979 down in Hull, after releaing a bunch of insane demos they subsquently broke up in 1983. Reforming 2 years back and ready to make you rock into oblivion, Salem are COMING FOR YOU!

SCARAB(UK) - Birmingham legends return to the stage with a line up featuring 3/4 of the original line up! The bros are delighted to have these guys on board, this is gonna be a truly classic performance!

SPARTAN WARRIOR(UK) - All the way from Penshaw monument the Spartan Warrior bros have been with us since way back in '12. Hitting hard with a new album and no doubt some classics, another killer set isnt even in question!

TYSONDOG(UK) - RETURN OF THE DOG! After an ball breaking performance back in April for BRO(UK), we bring the hammerhead back to bang for you once more! True Legends of the North East!!!!

So here it is everyone, the first big gig from the Bro(UK), check out the website ( SOON) for more info. We will update this page as much as possible with Hotels/Travel etc etc. A new poster will arrive soon with more announcements etc. 

NE1 2PQ 


Ticket info: 
After this £20 Adv. WEEKEND TICKETS
More on the door!


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