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The Indonesians DEMEANOUR put in June 2012 their debut cd on the Metal market. It's called “Innerself“ and is distributed by the well-known label Defox Records / Invincible Records.
And DEMEANOUR take here no prisoners! They roll raw and primordial like and everything annihilating death roller through the Death Metal country.The riffs shoot fast and relentless like arrowheads straight into the listeners' brain. Death Metal without experiments and flourishes comes straight to the point. The powerful drumming supports the aggressive character of the production without superimpose thereby. The guys put here their shoulders to the wheel which you definitely hear. The all in all eight songs are moving in the mid tempo area. Hard and uncompromising song structures which are emphasised by distinctive growls. “Innerself“ is all in all a successful cd which whets your appetite! Who wants to listen to pure Death Metal should grab at DEMEANOUR. It pays!!!
Battlepig / Claudia
Line Up:
Olla - Vocals
Hans - Guitars
Nomme - Bass
Simonte - Drums
1.Unfaithful Violence
2.As I Die For Nothing
3.Another Dying Day
4.Failed Thery
5.Scourged Of God
6.It's Not For Freedom
7.Behind The Truth
8.Never Believe A Word


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