LE BUTCHERETTES Unveil Second Single

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LE BUTCHERETTES Unveil Second Single
"Don’t Bleed, You’re In The Middle Of The Forest"

Punk rock darlings, Le Butcherettes surprised their fans last November announcing they would release their new EP, "Don't Bleed" on Valentine’s Day 2020 and teased fans with their first single, "Tunisia". Today the band unveiled second single, "DON'T BLEED, YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST" before releasing EP next Friday, February 14th.

Le Butcherettes fierce frontwoman, Teri Gender Bender (Teresa Suarez Cosío) delivers a dream-like punk ballad filled with bursting emotions in new single, "Don't Bleed, You're In The Middle Of The Forest" .

“This was a slow awakening to some uncomfortable truths about our biological nature. About how to rationalize and broker a deal between the emotional and the intellectual. And how as women we are always, in the eyes of others, a prey to hunt as we are always bleeding” comments, Teri Gender Bender about the new single.

The storytelling of Teri Gender Bender in this new EP brings, a powerful double meaning of being told not to bleed as a woman and feeling shame of blossoming, so with time we are manipulated to hide in the darkness and our blood calls out to the forest creatures pulling them in closer to us for the hunt, even if we hide we are exposed.

The seven song EP was recorded in El Paso, TX where the Guadalajara-born and El Paso-LA based group recorded. The album was produced by the mysterious entity by the name of Violeta Félix.
Pre-order "Don't Bleed" Here!

Le Butcherettes are Teri Gender Bender (vocals/guitar/piano), Alejandra Robles Luna (drums), Rikardo Rodríguez-López (Synth & Triggers) and Marfred Rodríguez-López (bass). 

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