EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charred Funk from New York

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Charred Funk are a New York based power trio, dishing out their unique brand of overdriven, hard-hitting, instrumental funk rock. Their music features a Joe Walsh-meets-Eddie Van Halen guitar style perched atop a granite-hard foundation of booming bass lines and pounding percussion.

The digital album launched by Heart Of Steel Records titled “Charred Funk” contains five instrumental songs featuring classic US Rock guitar riffs with wicked funky vibes. Avalable on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Below the interview with Peter Milo.

1. Hi Peter, tell us your music history and when you formed your group?

I started playing guitar in 1981, when I was 11 years old. The first time I heard Van Halen, I knew immediately the type of guitarist I wanted to be.

In the mid 80s I co-formed the NY-based power metal band Beyond Reason. In the early 90s we disbanded after grunge music took over the music scene.

In the 90s my focus shifted to studio session work and playing live gigs for Q104 NY Radio's house cover band "Archives".

I decided to take a break from the music scene in 2002, and that "vacation" lasted for 16 years... :)
In 2018 I started hearing these hard-edged, funky riffs in my head and began recording again. Charred Funk was born. A studio engineer told me my music sounded like "Joe Walsh playing with an Eddie Van Halen type sound". I think that's an accurate description of Charred Funk! 

2. What are the bands and genre you prefer?

I love Hard Rock from, Hendrix to Van Halen. I also love funk, from James Brown to Wild Cherry.

3. Tell us about the EP?

Charred Funk is a heavy funk-rock instrumental album. While it's guitar-driven, the bass and drums loudly and clearly make their own statements.

4. What is the source of inspiration for the songwriting?

I just hear the riffs in my head and let them pour out in the studio. Most of the time, a particular guitarist I admire will be the source of inspiration.
The track "Mister Jimi", for example, is my little homage to Hendrix.

5. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "Charred Funk"?

If you took funk and put it on a hot grill, you'd have Charred Funk. That's what my music is.

6. Have you played in some important festivals or concerts that you consider fundamental?

Right now Charred Funk is a strictly studio band, but when the right opportunity comes along to play live, we will come out all "Charred" up. ;)

7. What do you think about the Hard Rock music scene? and what happens in your New York city?

New York will always have great rock's just harder to find these days.

8. We would like to have your point of view on the pandemic situation with covid-19, will we achieve stability and defeat this virus?

I think we will become wiser and stronger from this pandemic. I have seen a lot of great examples of strong human spirit during this time.  

9. What do you foresee for the future of your music?  

I think my music will find its way into the hearts of many serious rock fans.


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  1. I listend the album and I like very much, really powerful guitars

  2. great guitars, I'd like to know which bands he played in the 80s, guitarist Peter



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