Grotesque Orchestra "De Hung Castro" Invincible Records 2012

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The last few days it reached me a production from the Ukraine. 
GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA released with “De Hung Castro“ their opus via Invincible Records.
Originally intended as background music for an animated movie the duo Grotesk and Dimitriy Pavlowskiy present here their vision of dark, orchestral music. 
The outcome are symphonic instrumental Black Metal melodies of bizzarre beauty which get along completely without vocals. 
Very epic with some guitar solis interspered here and there the melodies carry us off in a bizarre dreamscape. 
The production gets the necessary hardness and darkness by the use of keyboards and a background choir every now and then. 
The melodies space out in spots in SUMMONING realms.

This underlines the variety and liveliness of each single song. 
Solemned by fragile musical sound frames and well accentuated use of guitars the listener is captured in a net of melodies and coldness from the first to the last note. 
GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA live up their bands' name and a good thing, too! A really extraordinary cd which you should listen to by all means. 
I am sure that we will hear a lot more in the future of the guys.

Line Up:
Grotesk – Keyboards, Arrangements, Vocals etc.
Dimitriy Pavlowskiy – Guitars, Bass, Vocals


by Battlepig / Claudia


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