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NUCLEAR STRIKES is a female fronted heavy metal from Malaysia, they launched their first official album an Ep entitled "Megastorm Eyes" with a excellet mix from 80´s Classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Hard Rock.
We have talked with the band;

1. Hi guys, tell us when you formed your group? 
It all began in 2002, at that time we only play with the concept of music Heavy metal and speed metal , in 2003 we played music Heavy Metal thrash, alongside the Band ANTACID. 
in 2005 Rex and 1.2 kill began expedite Jack hammer (now the name of the Nuclear Strikes) and during the 80's heavy metal music has long been forgotten in our country, there are only modern heavy metal only, at the time we started playing songs like Judas priest cover and Riot and some own songs.
in the same year we started out nuclear strikes with line-up by Rex, 1.2kill, iron speed, Thunderbolt and male vocalist of Anort.. Nuclear strikes began performing in 2007 with singer men ANORT, Anort one show only with Nuclear Strikes. then is replaced by the EKEY MIZUME female singer, with opportunity to expand our Ekey in Malaysia country, but not long after Ekey Mizume leaving the Nuclear strikes.
in 2008 we find Steelgirl Ladyana. 
Nuclear strikes name became a reference in our country till now.

2. What is the genre of your sound? is Heavy metal? Hard Rock?
we play music Traditional heavy metal and progressive mix of heavy metal and hard rock.
for the first EP we play heavy metal, hard rock only .. to introduce ourself .. 
the album to come we will give the actual music.
hahaha ...

3. what is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them? 
Moonshine, expressly, war etc.. our lyrics written by
AK 46, a friend of us, other than him,  Ladyana also the author of the lyrics.

4. Do you think that English is the universal language now?
Yes, English is a universal language nowadays.  Easy to make a song using
english and the language is also worldwide. 
We also intend to bring our songs in some other language in future. Anticipated!!!!!!!

5. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "NUCLEAR STRIKES"?  
It like an explosion to all, according to the song that we deliver.

6. your EP "Megastorm Eyes" will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations?
Go even further, and bring our music to the international level. 
Believe it takes even a good plan to achieve the vision. 
If you outside there have a massive plan for us, will be a good opportunity and the door is always open for it.

7. How did you decide to sign the record deal with HEART OF STEEL RECORDS?
Great offer!!  A golden opportunity that would be difficult to achieve,
Is a dream of every band in this world. For us, Europe is  a Heavy Metal Land 
and believe we receive it here….

8. To promote the record are you planning a live tour?
Yes of course. Every bands plan to do that. 
We want to show our music to the world. 
We want to let the world know that Malaysia have Heavy Metal band. 
This also depends on acceptance of the fans and so why not for the live tour, necessarily.

9. Have you played in some important festivals?
Yes we do.
Including for Malaysian Government Festival.
Opening band for local legend band Cromok, Sweet Charity and some more big 
festivals around the region.

10. Heavy Metal music has the market in your country (Malaysia)? found obstacles for your music?
On late 80's, heavy metal music was banned, but no longer  this time.
No obstacles.  Heavy Metal are thrilled to be accepted now….  Freedom hahahaha…..

11. You're certainly not a international mainstream band, how do you judge the international  underground music scene? and your malaysian scene?
Different and has its own value, we are independent creation.
And non-binding. It’s different  than international and we want to ’be in it’, in Malaysia.
We are the new generation of 30 years of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal music in Malaysia.
Believe we ‘the change’ of Heavy Metal scene in our own country and bring more further. To the world!!!

12. tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past?
Iron Speed the drum cymbal been afflicted with, and become chaotic, 
Thanks to our crew for the help. 
Live show at National University of Malaysia (U.K.M) that famous, which does not receive heavy metal music over the establishment of the university. 
We feel great, weird, some time a bit funny. 
We are the 1st Heavy Metal band make a live show there. 
Breaking the Law, hahaha., from there we make the band name chanting on the lips of fans in our country.

Video from Monster of Rock festival


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