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We have talked with the amazing guitarist Martin Traussnigg of austrian metal band DRAWZZNIKK!!

DRAWZZNIKK’s latest work titled "WINGS“ contains 4 songs in authentic traditional Heavy Metal style.
The EP will be available thru Heart Of Steel Records in every worldwide digital stores, as Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Nokia...and more.

1. Hi guys, tell us when you formed your group? 

DRAWZZNIKK was formed in 2010. In the same year we recorded our demo and we were featured on the RANDY RHOADS CD PROJECT and we also appeared on a WHITESNAKE TRIBUTE album and a charity sampler, so it was a pretty good start for us!

2. What is the genre of your sound?

HARD ROCK! The first record I ever bought was the RANDY RHOADS TRIBUTE album by Ozzy Osbourne. Randy became my idol when I was a kid and he is now. He ist the reason why I wanted to learn to play the guitar and to play in a band!

3. What is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them? 

There are many different origins to our lyrics – as an example, the title track of our EP Wings is about child abuse. It was Nina who had the idea for the lyrics but I consider myself to be the main songwriter (music/lyrics). Compared to other bands, it’s not purely about the lyrics at first and quite often, we invent lyrics in order to add to the picture, building it around the music that provides the inspiration that we need.

4. Do you think that English is the universal language now? 

While lyrics in our native language would be a nice gimmick, that wouldn’t necessarily increase our chances on the ‚big market‘, so YES INDEED.

5. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "DRAWZZNIKK"?  

Drawzznikk is kind of a translation of Traussnigg, which is my last name!

6. Your EP "Wings" will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations? 

I don´t expect anything, to be honest. However, I’m looking forward to the prospect that more people will „discover“ us and our music and even more, like what we are doing!

7. How did you decide to sign the digital record deal with Mirko DeFox's HEART OF STEEL RECORDS in Europe? 

We have been in contact with Mirko since 2010 and he always supported us which gave us a good feeling early on. I‘m really happy to work with Mirko and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS who are known to care about their bands.

8. To promote the record are you planning a live tour? 

That’s a difficult question. Certainly, that would be a great way of promoting our music, everyone of us, however, has a job for his/her living and arranging both tour and jobs would be impossible. If there’s an offer that we can’t refuse, why not!

9. Have you played in some important festivals?

Not with DRAWZZNIKK - yet. But I played at the METAL CAMP FESTIVAL in Slovenia in the past, also numerous gigs in Austria and Germany. Our drummer played in a band called „BLOODFEAST“ who recorded several albums and played a lot of festival shows!

10. I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's caused by the internet? technological development? 
or it's changed the mentality of the fans? 

Internet is certainly the main reason for the decline of CD sales – it’s, however, a great tool to promote your band, your music. The mentality of the fans as such hasn’t changed but content in the www is widely considered to be ‚free for everyone‘. While we certainly cannot agree to the full extent, we think that there should be other business models developed by companies in order to take advantage of the numerous advantages of the internet. As a result, playing live has become more and more important – which is a good thing, certainly. When you‘re a good live band, people will buy your merch/albums at your shows.

11. You're certainly not a international mainstream band, how do you judge the underground music scene? 

I‘m glad to see that there are a lot of new awesome Hard Rock bands like VANDERBUYST. There also a lot of new Hard Rock bands in Austria, which, unfortunately, aren’t played regularly on any major radio station. However, the internet offers a great means to keep up with latest developments in the scene which is certainly alive!

12. Tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past.

Our singer Janine appeared in „Popstars“, which is the Austrian/German counterpart of „American Idol“ and she was asked to do a liveshow with the band but it had to be on a Sunday morning! So, as you can imagine, noone showed up except our parents and their friends! We finally started to play in front of 50-60 year old ladies and their husbands – but it speaks for itself that they were all rocking to Drawzznikk!


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