COVENTHRALL first track from their album "Legacy of Morfuidra"

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The Finnish Metal-Band COVENTHRALL released the first track from their album "Legacy of Morfuidra" on Friday, the 10th of May. It is now available on all major digital platforms. The band also releases a video- episode of the track "Morfuidra" along with a prologue to introduce the concept and the the story.
Within this mail you will also find a link to  YouTube, showing the video for your streaming, along with the links to few digital download stores.

Coventhrall´s debut "Legacy of Morfuidra" is truly a concept album. It tells a story of an hero, sent out to gain help against a fleet of Scavengers lusting for their powerful technology. One that is so powerful, that even the people of Morfuidra themselves had to hide it away after it almost destroyed their entire civilization.


Sami Ilvonen: Vocals
Toni Bite: Guitars
Jukka Hoffren: Bass, Keyboards & Guitars
Kimmo Korhonen: Guitars
Janne Ojala: Drums


Sami Ilvonen, Tuomas Nieminen, Tanya,
Markku Kuikka, Aleksi Parviainen
Sami Hakala, Tapio Wilska, Christian Palin
and the Odyssey Choir.

Orchestrations and synths: Jarno Hänninen
Visual arts & graphics by: Mario Lopez
Video Editor: Jarno Keski-Jylhä

video from Youtube


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