JAGUAR NEW Album entitled "Metal X"

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NWOBHM legends Jaguar are now in the studio in the south west of England laying the intial tracks down for the pending 
studio out later this year. Entitled Metal X  Recording has finally began...TEN YEARS  since the last album.

From what our ears can tell this is shaping up to be Metal X Mayhem, taking it right back to the beginning, to true NWOBHM Metal. 

From the outset even the slow tracks are faster than ever! If there was something to look forwards to this year for true die hard and new converts alike, this British Metal album could be something special! The band write " We are doing what we do - it has taken a while but we are stoked with what we have to offer on this album- look out it seems as we get older we are getting faster.! "

Anticipated release date for Metal X is late 2013- more info will be released in band facebook page!

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