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The spanish rockers UNHUMAN NATURE have released the Ep "Hidden Side of Existence" with 5 songs thru Heart Of Steel Records and the music style is an excellent Prog metal with melodic influence.
The digital release is now available on every worldwide webstores!

Well guys I've been listening your new EP and I think that's amazing!....We ask them a few questions;

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Hi (Ivan Dragomilov) First of all, thank you for giving Unhuman Nature some room in the amazing metalzine, Eurockerz. 
About Unhuman Nature, Zoilo and I (Emi) were at the studio talking about working on something together. He plays technical death metal with Unreal Overflows and I sing old school heavy metal with Witchfyre, so we thought about doing something different. He sent me some songs he had from a long time and I decided to record some vocal lines. I remember the first of all, Sorrow. Those tracks were written for growls, and hearing a clean voice singing melodies was a big surprise for Zoilo. As we liked the result, we kept on working on the other tracks, and we noticed it worked out well, so we decided to go ahead with the band.

2. what is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them? 

The idea came together with the name of the band. We all have a hidden side, that sometimes shows up with feelings, such as Fear, Sorrow, Rage... I wanted to write about some of them, because I think those feelings keep us all alive and rule our lives, making us take some of the most important decisions every day (and sometimes, the wrong ones). Who doesn't feel like breaking everything around when feeling rage and how many people have killed for this reason? Who didn't look back twice when feeling fear?

3. The artwork is great, can you tell our readers who designed it and some of the thought process behind it?

I designed it based on a real and sad story. A girl was kidnapped and taken to the woods, but she was never seen alive again. They never found her body after many years and the confessed murderers never said where it is. I think all these feelings meet this situation: the sorrow, the fear of the girl and her family, the rage of knowing she is dead but without a body to bury, the faith of finding it, the madness or/and rage to kill... it's clearly the Unhuman Nature. The art presents the restless spirit of that girl meeting all those feelings together. 

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 

Our style is not easy to describe at all. We try to mix all the styles we like, such as melodeath, death metal, technical death metal, progressive and heavy metal. We don't think being tagged is good for any band, and we don't feel the need of imitate any other bands. If the voices and melodies were different, we would be another technical deaht metal band in a list. Our main influences would be bands as Death/Control Denied, Nevermore, Elegy, Anathema, King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, Stratovarius... I think there is a piece of each on every track.

5. Where was it recorded who produded it and how long did the process take?

It took us 2 months to record all the instruments and 1 month to mix and master all the tracks. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Zoilo at his studios, "Zoilo Unreal Studios". He's got the best "ear" I've ever seen, and cares about every sound and every note. He is a great professional and always gets the best of every band.

6. Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?

As Unhuman Nature, we have not played live yet. We started as a studio project, but it took strength and now we are preparing our first gigs. Zoilo is not friend of live shows at all, he prefers the studio, but I'm dying to be on the stage with Unhuman Nature.

7. I believe you finished the record and then you took it around to recod labels. Was it hard to get a deal?

Mmmm not really. In fact, we got many answers and pretty quick but, finally, we decided Defox/Heart of Steel Records would be an amazing label to work with (Mirko was really talkative and nice when talking about a deal). We have been on conversations for a few months now and always on touch, so we can confirm we took the right choice.

8. How do you think about the international rock music scene? and the scene in your country? 

It seems the old bands are still ruling the market and live shows, but there are lots of new bands coming up and growing, and really good musicians. It's not easy to bring something new or different nowadays and most of the bands are into the same styles. There's also a 80's metal revival, and there are lots of bands (like Witchfyre) playing old school metal. It is the same scene here, in Spain. Metal was like a tabboo or something weird for some years and there were just a few bands taking it seriously, and all of them playing the same. But now it's changed and we got lots of new bands dying to get the van and break every stage all over the country. We are really happy to see this has changed.

9. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

We have just finished recording our first LP, 10 shots of dark and melodic metal, faithful to our style. As soon as the master is finished, we will start looking for a deal. As the EP has not been physically edited, we would like to look for a double cd or to add the tracks as a bonus, but it will depend on the labels. We are also getting ready to reach the stage in 2015 and introduce our music in live.

10. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

It can be found on almost every digital market, such as Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and so on. We have also a website, a facebook and through the label site .

Thank you so much for the questions and wish you the best with the zine!

Thank to you Emi!, I wish you a great musical career with your bands!


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