OMNIA reveal on Facebook NAKED HARP Artwork


OMNIA reveal on Facebook "NAKED HARP" Artwork!

The band announce "The new OMNIA -CD: "NAKED HARP" has been recorded!
And because the sound part is now finished we are working on the ART work!
To get it all ready for release as soon as possible!

I'm hoping November/December 2015 ... ahem... 
this is not really a very commercial blog is it?... 
possibly that is because "OMNIA-music/Paganscum records" is a slightly chaotic anarchic recordlabel... it's run by complete maniacs!!( Jenny and myself ) 
so it's Less organisation and clear-marketing but MORE ART!!! 
(And THAT is what it's all about!)

I'll show you little bits and pieces of the art we are using over the coming weeks...

Like this picture which was actually taken in the Orchus-studio where we recorded this CD... it's one of the few I can show you because it does not have an "offensive" nipple
(although I must say that jenny's nipples are never offensive...)

anyway, enjoy your day while we are slaving away behind computers untill deep at night to bring you Musick and Art!

XXX and Greenthingz on Harp stringz!

pic by Sic

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  1. pretty! I am less wise in my drawings :



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