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ELIXIR To Start Skol Records' Series Of The Replicas Of The NWOBHM Singles

SKOL RECORDS proudly presents the first release in the series of the CD replicas of the legendary NWoBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) singles: ELIXIR "Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)", which will be out on January 30, 2016.

The debut single of the London based Heavy Metallers was originally recorded and released in 1985, and includes two songs: the title track, which became the band's ultimate classic, and which was later re-recorded for the legendary "The Son Of Odin" LP from 1986, and the rare song "Winds Of Time", which also appeared on the demo tape which the band released in 1985. Both songs from the debut single have never been released together in a CD format.

Each CD release in the Skol Records' series of the replicas of the original NWoBHM singles will be limited to only 500 copies, will include original cover artwork and layout design, like the original single released back in the day, and will be available at a special, low, fan-friendly price. Coming out next in the series: OVERDRIVE "On The Run", ARAGORN "Black Ice" and others.

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