GREY WOLF Glorious Death cover artwork and details revealed

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GREY WOLF's third studio album will be released on June 18th via Arthorium Records. The CD titled "Glorious Death" will present a neat booklet with 16 pages and a stunning cover artwork painted in traditional media by French illustrator Nicolas Bournay. Cover illustration, which shows Grey Wolf warrior wounded and fighting recklessly over a pile of bodies and soldiers, was conceived to be purposely cliché and vibrant, resembling Conan magazines covers, as the theme is one of the biggest influences for the band.

Executive production and audio engineering are under responsibility of Arthur Migotto (Hazy Hamlet, Brothers of Sword), who also features as guest singer in song "Cimmeria" and some backing vocals. In regards to the material the musician/producer states: "Being finally able to work with Fabio (Paulinelli) and GREY WOLF is great, not only because of our friendship, but because the album fits like a glove to the style and quality I want linked to the label image. It sounds true metal from the first second to the last. Soundwise, we opted for retaining timbres, and effects of the 80s, adding the punch of contemporary releases, but being careful enough not to sacrifice the dynamics of vintage metal. We're both pleased with the result. It was also great working with Nicolas Bournay, who achieved just what we wanted for the cover artwork painting."

Founder of the group, bassist and singer Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli, adds: "We have a huge expectation on this new work, which, in my view, will be the most mature album released by the band until now".

"Glorious Death" track listing:

01 - Wrath of the Gods (intro)
02 - The Eyes of the Medusa
03 - Glorious Death
04 - Metal Avenger
05 - The Axe Will Rule the Kingdom (King Kull pt 2)
06 - The Barbarian
07 - Conan The Liberator
08 - Warrior
09 - Red Sonja
10 - Cimmeria

A teaser video with song excerpts will be released in Arthorium Records Youtube channel by mid May. Meanwhile, GREY WOLF follows scheduling concerts for the promotion of its previous release, "We Are Metalheads", and interested promoters may write directly to the group.

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