Black Hole Return After 32 Years



There are albums you're waiting for, some you're dreaming of, and some that turn into obsession. Since "Land of Mystery" in 1985, work that has become one of the most iconic albums in the world, most people wondered if Black Hole will ever release new material. Posthumous album "Living Mask", released in 2000, didn't turn off interest and desire of new music by Robert Measles, leader of Black Hole. So Andromeda Relix is really proud to announce that Black Hole are back with a brand new album, original and striking as always, with rearrangements of early material from1992, magically reappeared after decades of searching, and new ideas. Says Measles -"I came up with the idea of a new album after a sleepless night. I never realized there were so many Black Hole fans. Internet is full of people who appreciate my music, such as collectors who have even more Black Hole material than I do. So I started develop ideas I wrote some time ago, and found two tapes from early 90's with various song material. So I rework them adding some new stuff, and try to keep it linear, without using technology even during recording. Clearly it's different from "Land Of Mystery", I could never stop. For me music is art and art is evolution and new challenges to face. I need to satisfy the need to express myself. I hope that who liked the old stuff will understand this journey. The themes are the same, and nowadays can't be different: mystery, darkness, death, occultism, fear of tomorrow.

I don't care being on social media, the label deals with the promotion. In this age of overexposure I think is a legit choice. Can't explain everything to everybody, and we won't understand each other anyway. I don't think I'll do interviews. Music says it all. Live concerts? I don't mind watching people drinking beer in the back of the club while I'm playing. Are Black Hole a myth? This is what you say. We were just a bunch of guys with passion, where I had some good ideas cause I listened to different genres aside from heavy metal, even if it caused me some trouble with true defenders. I decided to release the album on October 1st because it's the birth of Gilgamesh, a human or a god, whose stories where told on the first epic poem in human history."

Andromeda Relix label manager Gianni Della Cioppa states: "We're full of bands sending us their material. Me and my brotherhood friend and partner in Andromeda Relix, often argue whether an album can have a follow up, or if it's just because we like it. "Evil In The Dark" set us in the same page immediately. We had the will to release this album as soon as Robert said to us "I've new material, are you interested?". We thought if there was a label that could release a new project from Black Hole, that would have been Andromeda Relix.

The album whose cover can be previewed here, will be released October 1st, distributed by GT Music, and will be available in all digital formats.

The wait is almost over: THE EVIL (IS) IN THE DARK !!


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