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Gabriel Management presents the new High Roller Records release: RITUAL "Widow" LP + 7” package out on February 16, 2018.

London’s Widow (aka Ritual) came to be known during the period of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The band’s self-titled debut album was originally issued on Legend Records in 1983. However, by the time the album was conceived, Re Bethe (guitar, vocals), Phil Mason (bass) and Rex Duval (drums) had been going for ten years already. 

Today, Widow/Ritual are often cited as direct forerunners of the occult rock movement. When Widow (or Ritual) released their debut album back in 1983, the legendary New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement had already reached its peak. “We did see what was going on with other bands,” concludes Re Bethe. “We felt that we were part of something. 
We have often been compared to bands like Samson, Quartz or Pagan Altar. But actually we belonged to the generation of bands which formed directly before the punk years and couldn't get much work all the way through it. 

We were suffering from the same problem that all the other bands were suffering from. Trying to get a deal was impossible, trying to get distribution was impossible. It was just very hard.". 

High Roller Records is proud to announce the official re-release of the legendary "Widow" album including its notorious “naked witch” cover. The album includes a bonus 7” single with no less than four extra songs.

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