SYTERIA new album now available worldwide

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Syteria new album titled "Reflection" now available worldwide!

The album is full of hard and heavy songs, lots of energy and a contagious melody. 

Great guitar riff by British metal veteran Jax Chambers, already with Girlschool. Good vocal proof of singer Julia Calvo who has a good grit! 

A band to watch, you can listen to the songs on Spotify or other digital stores!

Syteria are a band formed by Jackie 'Jax' Chambers Lead Guitarist of the Legendary Girlschool and are based in Yorkshire, England.
They first came on to the scene with an introductory video for
Christmas late in 2015 called Santa’s Harley.
Then they kickstarted a full on campaign in 2016 self releasing their EP 'Wake UP' featuring Mike Kenworthy formerly of Raven playing drums, Keira's (Bass) dad, who helped out whilst they secured a permanent drummer.
They added the final member of the band with Pablo Calvo, Julia's (Vocals) little brother, shortly afterwards playing gigs they were noticed and added to play the Main Stages at major festivals all over the UK.
In 2017 after a successful Pledge campaign, they recorded their
Debut album Rant-O-Bot and received rave reviews from magazines and online here in the UK and abroad.
In 2018 Syteria were nominated for an Independent Music Award for the Album reaching the Final 5.
Syteria continued to play and promote Rant-O-Bot playing major
festivals, Thailand, Corfu, Europe, headline and support shows
throughout 2018 and are currently about to release their follow up
album called Reflection is released on 21st February 2020 followed by a full UK Tour.
Then a new chapter of Syteria started in late 2019 with Keira leaving the band due to other commitments and was replaced with Steph Dawson, formerly of the band Scream Of Sirens.

Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers (Guitar, Vocals)
I was born in Bradford and grew up in Pudsey, Leeds where I started playing guitar at the age of 17 in punk bands, playing with various bands including Déjà Vu and Flowers For Agatha, then moving down to London where I joined a band called Bleech, who were a signed band.
In London I formed an all girl band called Virago in the mid 90's, we had a couple of TV appearances and played with them doing mainly local gigs in London. I've recorded with 1980's Punk band Blitzkrieg recording the album 'Everything is Lies' and an EP which were both released a few years ago.
In 1995 I placed an advert in a music paper where Kim McAuliffe from Girlschool answered as she wanted to do a side project, we hung out and wrote a few songs together. I became good friends with the rest of the band too and Kelly the guitarist at the time asked me to join as she wanted to leave.
I'd never played lead guitar so said no but in 1999 I finally joined and since then have recorded on the albums 'Not That Innocent', Believe', Legacy', ‘Hit and Run Revisited’ and the latest album 'Guilty As Sin' 'as well as recording various singles along with having guest appearances on our albums by Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Eddie Clarke, Twisted Sister, Neil Mur-ray (Whitesnake) and Ronnie James Dio.
I've been touring now with Girlschool, for 20 yrs, playing headline and support gigs with various Rock artists such as Motorhead, Saxon, Alice Cooper and Dio to name but a few and playing festivals all over the world including Wacken, Hellfest, Sweden Rock, Montreal MTL Festival, Hard Rock Hell etc.
At this present time I have put together a lovely bunch of women and one man called Syteria and we are based in Yorkshire and we are about to rock this planet, so look out!
HRH ‘Angels Of Rock’ Winner With Girlschool in 2017
HRH ‘Angel Of Rock’ Nominee in 2019

Julia Calvo (Lead Vocals)
I really can't remember a time when I didn't sing - it seems like I've been like this forever.
I was born in a musical family in the west of Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very early age I studied music and classic singing.
When I was twelve years old I started playing bass guitar and went mental about rock in most of it's shapes and forms. Soon I realised music was my true love.
When I was a teen I sang and played in many different bands and because of this I met lots of fantastic people in the Buenos Aires under scene. Back in Argentina when I was in my early teens I played bass guitar and sang in many different hard rock and metal bands, some of them also featuring my brother Pablo, until my early twenties.
In 2010 I moved to England and discovered music is a universal language that helped me meet even more amazing people. I have been part of different projects such as the metal band Eight Deadly Words, a rock covers band called Input To Main and a jazz/soul band called Soul Love Inc.
Currently I sing in this new kick

Steph Dawson (Bass. Vocals)
I started playing guitar at the age of 11 when my parents finally got sick of me working my way through annoyingly loud brass and wind instruments. They decided at this point that a guitar would be more pleasing to the ear.
I started teaching myself and joined a band at school at the age of 13. Following this, I began getting lessons and started gigging. I completed a BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice followed by a BA in Music at Newcastle University along with doing grades in guitar, vocals and music theory.
At this point I also started playing bass. Alongside this I continued playing in a number of original and cover bands eventually moving onto bass full time.
Now I’m excited to be continuing my musical journey with Syteria and I can tell, it’s gonna be a good one!

Pablo Calvo (Drums, Vocals)
I started playing drums at 3 years old and never stopped since then. My house was packed with instruments and my closest family was very musical so it started as a natural thing with rock and roll and classical music at its deep roots. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Played in several bands mainly on drums but also on guitar in a few of them. I started off teaching myself drums and guitar, I suppose that I absorbed some things by just watching my dad rehearse with his band, also got a lot of inspiration from that. My parents always encouraged me to develop my musical side so I was lucky in that way. They took me to study drums with a few different private tutors as a kid and then later as a teenager I attended the EMC music university for a while. My first actual band was at 9 years old. A family trio featuring my father on guitar, Julia on bass and me on drums doing backing vocals. That got me going and then played in a lot of other bands, having two or three of them in parallel at times. Among them a hard rock band called Arje on drums and backing vocals, a rock band called Akros with Julia playing bass/lead vocals, a classic rock band called Magma on guitar and backing vocals, a rock/metal band called Coercion on drums and a rock/funk band called Calvera on drums/sharing main vocals. Also played drums sharing main vocals with in an alternative rock/slightly progressive band called Sabot. We released two albums together between 2014 and 2017. Fun fact, the album released on 2017 had my drum and vocal tracks recorded in 2015 and was later finished after I moved to the UK. They are now playing together again with a
different formation and recently released a third album towards the end of 2019 with a new drummer and bass player, they are really good! I'm happy to see some of my
music stay kicking over there and with such class. Syteria is my most recent band, I'm really enjoying the ride and super excited about the future!

YouTube (Make Some Noise)


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