DARK AGES comeback from the 80's

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Emmeciesse Music Publishing and Heart Of Steel Records are very pleased announce the comeback of one of the 80's legendary metal heroes...DARK AGES !

Simone Calciolari founded Dark Ages in 1982 together with some friends. After some year spent in forging the band's sound, they recorded the first album, "Saturnalia" in 1991. 
After the cd was published, a hiatus followed, ending in 1996 with a new line-up and with extensive live tours. 
Many musicians changed in those years, and this prevented the band from writing new original material. 
In 2008 the members consolidated, so it was time to lay down a new project: a concept named "Teumman", whose first part has seen the light in may 2011.

"Teumman" is a concept album which stems from the tradition of the classic rock operas, but is set in a long distant past (the characters' names are taken from ancient assyrian culture) and blends metal, progressive, rock and classical music. 
In "Teumman", the term "opera" is taken very seriously: the characters are well defined and so vivid you can feel them suffer, scream, bleed, the locations are an important part of the story, everything is in line with the melodramatic tradition of the nineteenth century. And this is what we call a true Rock Opera.


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