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Grotesque Orchestra created by the artist and musician Grotesk (as band Uzhgorod ) like animated 3D project in 2010 in the city of Uzhgorod, then the author had the idea  to play in the style of symphonic metal songs that were originally written for an animated film.
In 2011, the project joined guitarist Dimitriy Pavlovskiy and work beguns of record by two musical styles unificated under a common name "Grotesque Orchestra",  the band is actively developing in two directions, as animated film and as music project.

This album is available in every Digital music store and scheduled for early 2012.The album will be released by INVINCIBLE RECORDS.

Hi Peter, tell us when you formed your group? your musical experience?
'Grotesque orchestra' as a band was formed in March, 2011 when I made Dmitriy Pavlovskiy's acquaintance who was looking for a key-player to play in his band and I was searching for a guitarist for my musical project called 'Grotesque orchestra'.  In a few days several songs were recorded and later a vocalist of one of Moscow bands 'Norti' joined the 'orchestra'. In August, 2011 we recorded our first demo version in the sympho black/death metal style. We got many offers for the album release from various labels but no label was appropriate for us, therefore we put off the album release - the music was too music of high quality to give the rights to poor labels. In October-November another instrumental album was recorded. The music was recorded specially for the 3D animated film which is in the process of creation at the time being in Uzhhorod. Therefore the songs from the instrumental album are a bit alike and the soundtracks written to the films are about Medieval Times.

What is the genre of your sound?
'Grotesque orchestra' combines many styles and it hardly belongs to any particular style. Many bands claim for the variety of styles of their albums but, to my mind, 'Grotesque orchestra' is a leader in a variety of styles. I spared myself and didn't take pains to select the name of style for the music I create and simply called it sympho metal.

What is the source of inspiration for your music? 
My native town Uzhhorod inspires me that is situated in Transcarpathia province. It is more than 1100 years old. The town has rich and original history; in one of the chapters of medieval annals it bears the name of 'De Hung Castro'. This title I selected for my instrumental album. I am a painter by occupation. I am engaged in painting, graphics and sculpture. Everything that surrounds me inspires me. These are the Carpathians among which I grew up, the castles, the sound of bells heard from the medieval cathedrals in gloomy autumn evenings and the sky which I contemplate everywhere I go. The mix of colours of it inspires me and then the impression of these exclusive moments I reproduce in music, painting and 3D scenes.

Why a instrumental album?
I decided to collect several compositions in my instrumental album that didn't suit a full-size album in style; however, they were too good not to bring them to audience. I and my guitarist recorded the album therefore it doesn't include vocal compositions.

What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA"?  
The name 'Grotesque orchestra' had been made up long before the band was formed. It was first planned to be used for the animated film. 'Grotesque orchestra' is a virtual orchestra with 3D characters. The appearance of each character is illustrated on the paper and then created in 3D by me personally. Judging by the name you can guess that the musicians have grotesque and ugly features of faces - those that Leonardo da Vinci loved to paint. Therefore, I made up my mind to retain the name 'grotesque orchestra'.

Your album will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations? 
My music evokes different reactions in different people: some people admire it and others feel more restrained about it. The main thing in music for me is the melody and the creation of the picture and the image. I think the perception will be different and I am ready to accept it.

How did you decide to sign the record deal with Mirko DeFox's HEART OF STEEL RECORDS? 
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy recommended it me who is subscribed for Defox Records. I offered him to listen to Mirko Galliazzo's music and he enjoyed it.

To promote the record are you planning a live tour? 
If there is a high-qualified organization of the tour, we'll go on tour. Everything depends on organizers' proposals.

Have you played in some important festivals?
No, not yet. 'Grotesque orchestra' has appeared not long ago. Therefore we haven't had time to participate in grand festivals.

I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's caused by the internet? technological development? 
or it's changed the mentality of the fans? 
Yes, at times of high technologies, fast internet supply and large memory cards in phones and players compact disks will simply disappear. It happens that after hearing the music in the Internet a band may pester before buying a CD. Audio recording companies should invent new ideas to sell discs so that the disks will be bought only by the most devoted fans. And the bands are to dwell more attention to 'live' performances and shows because it is rather problematic to load alive musicians from the internet J ha-ha

You're certainly not a international mainstream band, how do you judge the underground music scene? 

Really I'm not interested in underground music,
because get less bands that compose melodic music.

Tell us a few funny anecdotes, in the past?

The most worst word in nuclear physics is the "Oops..."



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