AWRIZIS "Shapes of imagination" out in August!

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DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are proud to annunce the debut album of AWRIZIS, hybrid metal band, were founded in 2011 in the blackest city of Czech Republic called Havíøov.
The founding members were Frodys and Tomas, after some beers, they decided to create new band, where they can combine modern metal with old school roots, becouse they were and their still are fans of old Metallica, Slayer and In Flames stuff.
On first rehearsal was written song called Dreamcrusher,and that song kicks'em to write more and more groovy music.
Venca, one of the best drummers from Havíøov and Roman, one of the most talented bass player, joined band very soon and hybrid monsters AWRIZIS was COMPLETED!
Shapes of Imagination EP was recorded in professional GM Studio in Jablunkov.
They performed first show in January 2012 to support BORN FROM PAIN in Ostrava city.

2.Cloud of Perdition Above Us
3.Believe In Omen

The EP is scheduled for August 2012


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