Deathster HERESIAE in a CD Sample!!

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Deathster HERESIAE change the line-up, the drummer Davide leaves the band!
Now the band seeking new musicians.

Meanwhile the HERESIAE in a CD sampler compilation for 13th issue of east european metalzine ANTICHRIST!
The song title which will be published in the sample CD will be revealed soon!

Ukranian ANTICHRIST zine existing since 2003, completely professional printed on glossy paper, with two sided full-colored layout, printrun - 3.000 copies (due to info and feedback  sum up each issue coming through about 9.000 readers! Read by metal fans, labels, musicians etc). Metalzine is completely English written, and distributed worldwide (the whole Europe, USA, South and Latin America, Asia, Oceania etc), selling in regular shops, webshops, mailorders, on the concerts and …

The CD Ep published by Invinvible Records now distribuited in russian territory too!


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