REVIEW:. ANZUD "New age Cholera" EP 2012

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Recently an EP from the Ukraine ended up in my Metal music mailbox. The band is called ANZUD and is already since 2008 up in musical mischief. 
In August 2012 they published their 2-track EP “New Age Cholera“ via Medival Records.
Here you can hear Black Metal as its best. Ice cold and deep black sounds which go into a morbid symbiosis with melodic insertions. 
Accompanied by keyboard sounds develop bizarre acoustic worlds which are hopeless an vitrolic. 
A dark world without colours and hope for cure. 
The expressional growls reenforce the impression and generate sustainability. “New Age Cholerea“ got an interesting EP which whets your appetite! Black Metal in the year 2012 should sound like this!!! 
I am very curious what we will still hear of ANZUD in the futurre.

by Battlepig / Claudia

Line Up:

Astaroth - Vocals
Raven – Guitars
Karnak – Drums, Backing Vocals


1.Gods Tyrant
2.New Age Cholera


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