EUROCKERZ Radio Show: DeFox Records special releases!

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EUROCKERZ Radio Podcast playlist : On air with Dragomilov

1. The War Of Ages - Fearless from "Ancient Wisdom" EP
2. The Judgement - Sbs from “Heaven can wait...” Album
3. OUTSIDE - Tezza F from “The Message (...A Story Of Agony, Hope and Faith...)" album
4. Call Of Insanity - Sacrificed from "The Path of Reflections" album
5. Into The Dark - Mindfuel from ”Time For A Change” album
6. Heavy Metal - Brave from "The last Battle" album
7. Tre ore come lei - Cardiac from "Contro l'astuta sublime mancanza di verità"
8. Hacipaci Blkues - Luca Zamberlin feat. Atma Anur from "Mad for it" album


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