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Cult Us metal band MAXX WARRIOR was highly successful on the East Coast club circuit in the early to mid-'80s.
The group's four-song EP from 1985 (Executive Records) has become quite a sought-after collectable for metal fans worldwide. 
In the early '90s, Snare and Perry went on to commercial success in the band FIREHOUSE.

MAXX WARRIOR return recently and reunite for one show on January 7, 2012 at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina.
MAXX WARRIOR features vocalist CJ Snare (FIREHOUSE, RUBICON CROSS), bassist Perry Richardson (ex-FIREHOUSE) and guitarists Al Eddins and Jeff Boatwright. Drummer Jason Patterson (CRY OF LOVE, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY) fill in for the absent Billy Dorey. 
Special guests included former guitarist Scott Atkins and guitarist Chris Green (FURYON, RUBICON CROSS). 

Listen the legendary Ep!

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