REVIEW:. DEAFLOCK "Courage to expose all" (Invincible Records 2013)

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DEAFLOCK "Courage to expose all" (Invincible Records 2013)

Deaflock are a Japanese thrash metal band born in Nagoya, in 2000.
Their prevoius releases are: a demo titled "Deaflock", the participation to the "Earthquake to A.G.M." compilation and an album named "Reality of false pasts" that has a sound more old school compared to their last album "Courage to expose all".
This cd is composed by 9 powerfull songs, singed in english.
Koichiro, the voice, shows to be a powerfull great singer from the first song "Clash". He's got a heavy tone.

The sonority of the band is explosive also thanks to the strong riffs and solos of the guitarist Junichi. 
He demonstrates his own abilities in all songs.
Voice and guitar are mixed by the disruptive nature of the vigorous drummer Kazuhiro. 
He doesn't miss a chance to rock with his double pedal.

The entire album has a great charge and it's a pleasant listening also for those who aren't fans of the genre. 
Absolutely advised.

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