REVIEW:. BAD LUCK TRAIN "Same" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

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BAD LUCK TRAIN "Same" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

Bad Luck Train are a brazilian band formed by 4 friends: Cuzzy Boy (voice and guitar), Nick Boss (guitar), Alex X. Guns (drums) and Arthur (bass).
The album titled "Bad Luck Train" was released in September 2012.
These brazilian hard rockers have put together a mix of street sounds and rock'n'roll that remind bands as Velvet Revolver, Backyard Babies and Danko Jones.
Cuzzy Boys has a great tone, excellent for the glam style that they propose to us.
Also riffs and solos by Cuzzy and Nick are attractive in all album, energetic and pleasant to listen.
Alex X Guns plays in total hard rock like a Rhino, pushing adreanaline in all songs!
This is the first work of the band and I have to say "wow!".

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