REVIEW:. TO WHAT END "Nothing Left To Burn" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

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TO WHAT END "Nothing Left To Burn" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

To What End aka TWE is an english band formed by: Gaz Bromley (voice and guitar), Robert Moseley (bass and voice), Marnix Van Der Kraan (lead vocals), Levi Madfuk (drums) e Alex Callaghan (bass) that has recently placed Mr. Moseley.

The genre that they propose is a potent and modern heavy metal and we can listen it since the first song "My Demon, My Angel".

All the tracks are in line of intensity, between aggressive riffs and double pedal, musical slowdowns and dark tones with growl that remind a little bit of Slayer music.

The album contains 6 good songs, and without any doubt the band have a great technic and at the end "Nothing Left To Burn" is a really good work.

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