REVIEW:. DRAWZZNIKK "Wings" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

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DRAWZZNIKK "Wings" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

Drawzznikk are an Austrian band formed by: Martin Straussnig (guitar), Nina Straussnig (voice and guitar), Matthias Walner (bass), Andreas Gartler (drums) and Janine Blumauer (Voice).
Their recording carreerbegan in 2010 with a first demo that had a worldwide success.

This album is composed by 4 song that sounds like the real heavy metal with two feminine voice: one aggressive (Nina) and one melodic (Janine).
In this ep load of scratchy sounds doesn't miss a ballad, the third song, is a Ozzy's cover, titled "Revelation". It's a masterpiece made by the emotional voice.
Also the fourth song, "Wings", starts in a melodic way but then the energic heavy metal of the previous tracks comes out, dominating the end of the album.
This cd is a really good listening, advised!

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