REVIEW:. MINDFUEL "Time for a Change" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

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MINDFUEL "Time for a Change" (Heart Of Steel Records 2013)

Mindfuel are a swedish band born in 2008 and formed by: Markus Kinell (guitar/bass), Magnus Westman (voice) and Magnus Göransson (drums).

The album titled "Time for a change"is composed by 12 heavy metal powerfull songs that sound like Saxon and Iron Maiden!
First track "Invincible" starts with a strong double pedal. The voice of Magnus isn't the classical heavy metal voice but he has a pleasant to listen and interesting tone.

While the first songs remind a more power metal style, fourth track "Into the dark" reveals the heavy metal nature of this explosive band, with more powerfull and darker riffs, mixed with a more aggressive voice.
Following songs are in line with the fourth and them sound really good.

The last track "Viscious Circle" starts slowly and the listener could think of a ballad but the massive riff emanates the real energic nature of the band!
This album is a work that every heavy metal fan can't miss! Password: Headbanging!

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