Angel Air launches new releases and new record label called "Angel Air Nostalgia"

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In April, Angel Air launches its brand new imprint 'Angel Air Nostalgia' with an album from singer/songwriter DAVID MARTIN. Early in 2013 Angel Air was offered an album by David which is a mix of standard songs by the very best of the American Songbook Songwriters. In anyone's estimation this album is long overdue and if current reaction is anything to go by, there is little doubt that it will make an enduring impact with lovers of tasteful and romantic music for some time to come.

And we have a landmark release from SWEET. 'Sweetlife' was originally released in 2002 and it re-established the band as a driving force in rock across Europe. In the views of many critics who reviewed the album at the time, it stands well alongside the classic album 'Level Headed'.

Sweet from Youtube

May sees the release of a 2 CD set from NEIL INNES & FATSO. NEIL INNES is best known for his collaborative work with MONTY PYTHON, and for playing in BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND and later the world famous RUTLES. Neil has appeared in numerous films 'Holy Grail', 'Jabberwocky', TV shows 'Rutland Weekend Television', 'The Innes Book Of Records' as well as performing live with Monty Python at The Hollywood Bowl back in the '80s.

Also, a live album from TYLA GANG. This release documents the band playing to a sell-out audience on March 13th 2013 at Akkurat Bar, Stockholm, which is a regular call on any Tyla Gang tour.

In June, a re-release of the critically acclaimed 'Large Afternoon' album by GREENSLADE. Now with informative sleeve notes featuring an interview with DAVE GREENSLADE by John Tucker, 'Large Afternoon' is an album that once again features two keyboard players, bass guitar, drums and vocals. The very features that make Greenslade stand out from any other band and made them one of the darlings of prog rock.

Finally, an album of tour rehearsal recordings from SWEET. This album is the actual recordings from Shepperton Studios, England where the band were preparing for the forthcoming tour to support the release of 'Level Headed'. The master tapes for this release have been supplied by ANDY SCOTT from his archives.

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