KILLER METAL RECORDS announce the new releases!

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KILLER METAL RECORDS announce the new releases!

EDGE OF THORNS - “INSOMNIA” is the title of their new and third album. One hour of heavy metal, powerful, with melody! David Brixius seasons the twelve songs with killer leads, catchy, feelingly, brilliant! Guest singer for the metal hymn “Metal unity” is Ralf Scheepers (ex-GAMMA RAY, PRIMAL FEAR) who does a superb job! A video was done for this one as well. EDGE OF THORNS having a sound that grasps of contemporary developments and at the same level with other major players of the style!tip: Metal unity, Yearning has begun, Death dealer for fans of: RAGE / GAMMA RAY

resurrecting the mighty 80'es era of metal while often reminding IRON MAIDEN with Bruce Dickinson at the helm, huge, powerful sawing riffs a'la ACCEPT and spreading catchy choruses. All are the cornerstones of a brilliant album. With murderous riffery the four musicians forged an album which makes all goatie-bearer withering their herb! The errand to the attic is your principal duty to arouse your long since forgotten 
jeans jacket! “Heavy Weapons” consisting of nine tracks, a few from the band’s past along with fresh material. All those who like the METALHEAD-debut (KMR-CD012) also will love SWITCHBLADE! Another top album of tradtional heavy metal which soon will find a lot of fans! 

VIRUS - The Band which is also part of metal history with records like „Pray for war“, „Force recon“ or „Lunacy“! New 5-Song EP with 26 minutes playing time! Look out for the on their “Contaminate Europe Tour 2014”!

ANIHILATED - new album "iDeviant"!!! A brillant Thrash attack showing the band is among the best bands from the United Kingdom! Never heard of them? You should do your history lessons! Remember on records like „Created in hate“ or „The ultimate desecration“! Great British Thrash! 

coming next: DRAGON'S KISS (Portugal) – Heavy Metal / new album May'14
FALLEN ANGEL (USA) – Heavy Metal / new album out May'14


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