VISE VERSA Debut Album and Music Video

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VISE VERSA Featuring THREAT SIGNAL's Jon Howard Release Debut Album and Music Video

What began has a side project in 2012, VISE VERSA has become a full-fledged original hard rock band as they release their debut album Living a Lie along with a music video for the single "Killing Me".  

THREAT SIGNAL vocalist, Jon Howard, previously worked with guitarist Eddy Chaumulot on another project, and it was through this partnership that the seeds were sewn for what would become VISE VERSA.  The band has created an original organic sound that meshes 90's rock with a modern day edge.

The album was mixed and co-produced by Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo (MAGOA, ZE GRAN ZEFT, THOUSAND RAVENS).  The band also shot a video for "Killing Me" which was directed by Frenchman Benjamin Cappelletti (MATT POKORA, JE TE PROMETS).

Living a Lie
1 - Living a Lie
2 - Killing Me
3 - Misery
4 - Thorn in my side
5 - Voices
6 - All I've Got
7 - Take it Back
8 - Stranger
9 - Command & Conquer
10 - Running with Scissors
11 - Why ?
12 - Ether

Living a Lie : Album                        


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