JACKIE LOMAX New Release with unreleased track on 4th May 2015.

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JACKIE LOMAX New Release with unreleased track on 4th May 2015. 

JACKIE LOMAX was the lead vocalist and bass player in The UNDERTAKERS the rockingest, stompingest Mersey beat band of them all from the 60’s.

The band moved to USA in 1965 and then changed their name to LOMAX ALLIANCE. In 1966, BRIAN EPSTEIN came to New York with The BEATLES and offered to manage Jackie as a solo artist but after Epstein’s untimely death a planned album was never released instead Jackie was signed as the first artist to The Beatles Apple label. The rest is history.

This release compiles tracks across Jackie’s 47 year career before his untimely death in 2013. 
A 2CD set that brings together unreleased tracks, rare tracks and Jackie’s favourite live concert from 1976 as well as a German language version of “How The Web Was Woven”.

CD 1: Unreleased-1975-2012
1. Soul Light
2. More (Livin’ For Lovin’)
3. California
4. Who’s Foolin’ Who?
5. If Only I Could Find
6. She Feels That Way
7. The Little Things Of Love
8. Fallen Angel
9. I’m Gonna Be There
10. You’re So Beautiful
11. Green Eyes
12. Don’t Talk Down To Me
13. Devil Eyes
14. Give Your Heart To Somebody
15. Hold On To What You Got
16. Against All Odds
17. The Edge Of The World
18. I Can’t Hold Out – THE UNDERTAKERS
19. One Night In Chicago – THE UNDERTAKERS
20. Dead And Gone

CD 2: Rare 1965-1970
1. Throw Your Love Away – THE UNDERTAKERS
2. You Better Get Going Now – THE LOMAX ALLIANCE
3. Genuine Imitation Life
4. Sour Milk Sea (live at the BBC)
5. The Eagle Laughs At You (live at the BBC)
6. So Was Das Netz Gewoben (“How The Web Was Woven” – German version)
7. Too Complicated – HEAVY JELLY
Live – San Francisco, 1976:
8 Sour Milk Sea
9. More (Livin’ For Lovin’)
10. Peace of Mind
11. (Put Some ) Rhythm In Your Blues
12. Blue World
13. Our Love
14. Hold On To Your Loved One
15. It Isn’t Only Love
16. On the Road To Be Free
17. Hellfire, Night-Crier

18. She Took Me Higher

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