REVIEW: NOCTURNA A.D. - Run Through hell (H.O.S. Records 2015)

01:38 by Associazione Artistinolimits

The NOCTURNA A.D. released a EP with 5 tracks, that surprised me positively!

The sound is a mix to extreme Metal, with frenetic rhythms, I like the songwriting with some modernist and innovative wager.

Great job on their guitar, played by David Masuelli, the guitars have plenty of hooks and groovy segments that carry each song on a unique but timeless passage.
NOCTURNA A.D. and their EP will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and ultimately leave you feeling more than satisfied.

The product is available in the digital marketplace in all worldwide biggest stores!

LISTEN without prejudice, another Italian band worthy of an international audience!

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