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The metal band from Sweden known as Synchrony have released their debut EP record, “Days in Serenity.” The record comes with five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to metal fans not yet familiar with Synchrony's signature sound. It has been proudly published on the XJT Music and Cuprite Productions independent record labels. Hammering, roaring, melodic and charged with 21st-century aggression, “Days in Serenity” stands as proof that Synchrony is a nu-metal crew for the new millennium.

Themselves hailing from the Stockholm area, Synchrony cite as artistic influences UK groups such as Architects and Monuments, American bands such as Linkin Park, Periphery and Veil of Maya, and of course Swedish mainstays such as Deceptic, Soilwork and Dead by April.

The style of Synchrony is somewhat more technical than many modern metal groups without becoming overwrought or pretentious, à la mathcore. Fans of progressive rock are likely to be enthusiastic. Each of the members exhibit expert playing: machine-gun percussion, chugging guitars, snappy bass lines, creative synth accompaniments … Yet these instrumentalists never play in such a way as to obstruct their prominent vocals.

Synchrony's vocals are sung as much as they are screamed, growled or shouted, making “Days in Serenity” more accessible to music fans outside the metal genre than is often the case – a balance which has made some metal bands (like Linkin Park) worldwide sensations, and one which is rapidly endearing Synchrony to listeners both at home and abroad.

This accessibility reveals itself in their songwriting, as well. Speaking of the themes of their music, Synchrony write, “We are inspired by whatever life throws at us. The lyrics are pretty down to earth so that people can easily relate to them.”

Synchrony are Ralph Vahtera (vocals), Robin Stenström (guitar, bass), Niclas Werner (drums), and Elliot Schreiner (screams).

Their current official bio from XJT Music / Cuprite Productions describes them: “Synchrony is a metal band from Sweden formed by Guitarist Robin Stenström and Drummer Niclas Werner in 2015. With a magnificent taste of deep and powerful melodies combined with low-tuned, heavy guitars and progressive riffs, the sound reaches out to both soft and heavy listeners.”

The band would also like to thank XJT Music chief Xander Turian, “for giving us the opportunity and helping us with the release of our debut EP. We owe a lot of our current success to his help and expertise within the music industry.”

“Days in Serenity” by Synchrony is available online at over 700 digital music stores worldwide. Get in early, metal fans.

S. McCauley

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