FIRE Magazine is coming

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FIRE is coming. On Monday the 11th first issue of the first heavy psych magazine will be on sale. Check its availability here Price is 6 eur for Italy, shipping cost included. Cost for Europe is 11 eur, shipping cost included

here is a list of contents of the first issue. Check it out
Hawkwind (cover story) – Fresh Blood (Mountain Tamer - Psychedelic Witchcraft – Zun – Hexvessel – Oranssi Pazuzu – Abysmal Grief - Graves At Sea – Black Rainbows – Blood Ceremony – Church Of Misery – Spiritual Beggars – Sourvein – Mars Red Sky – Holy Grove – Hypnos – Deadsmoke - Hounds Of Hasselvander – Blizaro – Black Mountain – 20 Editions Of Roadburn – Arik Roper: The Magic World Of Mushrooms – Come To The Sabbat: Rituals Of Doom – From The Crypt: Louder Than God: The story of Blue Cheer – Saint Vitus (commented discography) – Perfumed Garden: Angel Witch – reissue: (Monster Magnet – Paul Chain) - news – reviews

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