Srdjan Brankovics Expedition Delta 2 Review

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 Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta 2 Review

What is good music? Do you strive to lay your hands on the lyrics just to connect with a song or do you lose yourself in the melody regardless of what language is being used? There is no doubt that music is the voice of the soul and good music must be listened to by everybody, everywhere. This must be what Perris Records had in mind when they took up Srdjan Brankovic’s new album. 
There can be no mention of good music in Serbia without mentioning his name and that is partly because of his role in bands such as Expedition Delta, AlogiA, Numenor, Lunar Pocket, Despot and more..
When did his love affair with music begin? Srdjan shares that he has a brother who together, they have grown up collecting albums and enjoying metal music. His brother is a guitarist too and I think the most phenomenal aspect of their career in music is the transition from fans to musicians. Every musician has a different story to tell about their journey with music but for Srdjan, the angel is deliberate. As a fan, there is a specific type or style of music that you want to listen to and having the power to desire, compose and create for the market is quite remarkable. 

It is clear that any piece created by Srdjan Brankovic is carefully thought out and aimed at impressive his fans; what else can you expect from a performer that has opened concerts for bands like Apocalyptica,Whitesnake, Paul Di Anno, Savatage, Blaze Bayley plus many more. Rock music has no doubt earned its place in the playlist of most teenagers and young at heart. While the instruments used in most of Srdjan Brankovic’s new songs point to a rock and roll genre, the style of music used is hard to pin-point. Many people say that his music evolves every time he drops a single but for those who know the inside and out of music composition and performance, his music has an influence of most of the genres used in today’s modern music, not forgetting the significant thickness of the melodies. 
Throughout the entire album, the voice of Nikola Mijic dominates the pieces and in some cases, the duet of Nikola singing with Andjela Isic. Srdjan Brankovic plays the guitars, bass (alongside IP Maestro) and backing vocals. Every band member involved in the production of Expedition Delta 2 is more than a workmate for Srdjan because they have been deliberately picked from the bands that he has previously worked with.

Expedition Delta 2 is a work of perfection, not just a project but an assembly of a band that has decided to offer their finest. Listening to the songs in this album is in no way a waste of time; close to two decades have gone into perfecting the melodies and polishing the lyrics. 
For ED2 to be the hit it is today, it has been a journey; worth taking song by song.
The album opens up with the song “spectacular” that is a perfect introduction to what listeners should expect. The air of the song is dominated by the sound of guitars and keyboards but in a way that does not make the song obsessively instrumental. This is a praise song and the intensity of the vocals goes to show how important the lyrics are. This is one of those songs that take listeners back to a time of trial and error. If you passed through struggles to make it to where you are today, this is music to your ears. It is always good when the people around you recognize your efforts and this is the song to play when words are not enough. Not everyone who puts in effort in life succeeds, so it definitely pays to appreciate the little steps in the right direction. 

Break the rules
If you are still stuck in the rock music style of the 1970s, then you will find this song appealing. Bobby Koelble features in this song and for a rock star; he does produce some epic intonations. Prepare to go back in time with “break the rules” as Brankovic’s guitar creates melodies that though virtuosic still border on tasteful and beautiful. When Brankovic speaks about being true to the tradition of rock music in his interview, there is no doubt that this is the song he is referring to. Watch out for the instrumental ending of the composition and it is obvious that the band wanted to create something unique with his piece of music. If you are new to rock music, this is the track to listen to for a glimpse into the unwavering influence of heavy metal music.

Thank you for the good times
The message of the song is clearly romantic although with a certain twist. It is a good way of ending a relationship that is not beneficial to you and in more ways than one, brings tears to the eyes. This song reminds me of the 1990 romantic American movie “pretty woman”. It might be a sad ending to a beautiful story but like in the movie, it was anticipated and must happen. 
I love the way the lyrics embody the emotion, painting the picture of appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifice of love. If you are heartbroken or you are afraid of an ending love tale, then this is the song for you. A classic piece in itself, it can spell out the reality of any relationship since every experience has got instances that brig happiness to us.

Fly with me
This song brings together the male and female vocals in the group. It is hoping on the future and with it the invitation for someone else to join. Life is truly an adventure we enjoy when other people are with us and this is the message that this song strives to project. There is a delicate balance between the guitar and the singer but the message of the song does get to the listener. For this song, the vocalist out-shines the instruments but for a good reason. I think the instruments were deliberately toned down so that the message would come out clearly. 

Canis Major
This is not actually a song but a segment of the album where only the piano features. Most people will assume that this section is a prelude to the next song but it is actually a standalone segment where listeners get to appreciate rock and roll played piano style without the mix with vocals. While the segment is only a minute long, it drags the listener into a world of classical intensity which is simply captivating. If you reach this segment in the album, you are already halfway through it. This is the point of no return as only the greatest albums can hook fans this long. The piano does not feature prominently in rock or metal performances and this chance at making it heard is a clear indication of its impact in bringing out the gist of musical in general. 

Without you
Are you looking for a song to present to a friend as a tribute? This song, courtesy of Angela Isic as the lead singer is what you would expect to hear through radio. The song definitely brings a balance to the album in terms of vocal variety. Listening to this song for the first time, it is easy to fall in love with the band as a whole because whether you realize it or not, it does stick to your mind. This song aligns the listener to the reality of life that it must go on whatever the circumstances or people who choose to take the walk with us. 

The One Who Lives a Dream
The change of pace throughout the album is heavily felt when this song begins. The song has a dreamy feeling and mysteriously hollow atmosphere. Like a soundtrack from a horror movie, it brings an air of curiosity and listeners are eager to know what is coming next. The vocals (by Srdjan Brankovic himself) are heavy and husky almost like the singer is speaking to the depths of the souls. Listen to this song when you need to lose yourself in deep thinking and you won’t even realize that time is flying by. 

House of God
Almost like a praise song, this song opens with a heavy drum beat sequence that causes it to stand out from the rest. The opening line of the song calls the listener to attention and without much effort your thoughts are drawn to the message that the song bears. The arrangement of the song allows the listener to meditate on the message and especially because this is not the type of song one expects to find on a rock and roll playlist. 

I don’t believe
This song is an illustration to those who are not familiar with Brankovic’s style of writing music. While he says that he does not believe in love, his choice of words makes the massage to sound positive. The energy used to express the message of the song is contagious; imagine singing this song on a road trip with a carload of friends. Have ever had bad news broken to you but the messenger is smiling? This is exactly what is happening in this song. A lot of people believe in love; fall in love all the time and harbor secret affection for a special someone. For someone to come and tell you that the feeling that you have based your relationships on is for them not real, is quite epic owing to the fact that they do not say it in a way that offends you. 

Remember me
If you have heard the song “I’ll Remember You,” by Bob Dylan done in 1985, then this track will make a lot of sense. It brings back to life the mood and feel of rock and roll music as done in the 1980s and this definitely makes it stand out from the album. As a connection between the old and the new, it is a mirror of the journey that heavy metal music has taken and still continues to take. Are you planning to spend the day indoors because it is dull and wet outside? All you might need is in this tract; not lyrically heavy but definitely will bring out the emotional you. 

This is the last track in the album but is not in the least way inferior to the others. In fact, it crowns all the other songs that came before it. This is the track that puts together all the instruments used in the album in one performance. While you might expect it to sound like a competition, the instruments all played at the same time actually complement each other. It quite the conclusion for this album since Brankovic takes on this last song with incredible power and energy. 
When you consider the manner in which the tracks have been arranged on the album, it is obvious that every track is not in its position by accident. 
Everyone who took a part in the production of this album is an expert in what they do; no wonder they are on loan from other bands just to put this work of creativity together. 
The vocalists are important in this production yet listeners can almost hear the lyrics through the instruments; they shine of brilliant music and decades of perfection. 
Rock music is by nature vigorous and you would expect many people to enjoy this kind of music in concerts and other such events but Expedition Delta 2 is timeless. For the 40 minutes you spend listening to the tracks, a lot of soul searching goes on and rather than look outwards to the energy exuded by others, there is an urge to look within. 
Musicians will love to analyze this album because it is an example of how vocals, instruments and even silence can communicate. Simple enough for the average listener to comprehend but complex enough to capture the admiration of the music fraternity – this is the effect that music should have. 

A review of the Expedition Delta’s second album would not be complete without paying a little attention to the cover. The art work definitely bears a message and like the songs contained therein, it takes a keen eye to unravel. So, what is the story behind the artwork? In Srdjan Brankovic own words, the symbolism pierces into the personal. The image of a man on the front cover is actually an image of Srdjan. It tells its own story illustrated by a path that symbolizes the walk through life. Have you noticed that the floor of the path is made out of guitar fretboard? A walk through space and time, it is a path that everyone whether knowingly or not, takes at a personal level. When asked about the clouds that cover part of the album, Srdjan is quite to reiterate the uncertainty that characterizes his life at times. This is the part of life in which illusion and dreams flourish and for most people, a place of solace where external forces do not influence. The path of life has no definite start and certainly not an end that can be defined. What we can lay claim to as we walk through life is the experiences we have encountered and dates bear proof that we have been there. Some dates are a reminder of our failures yet others remind us of occasions when we have triumphed over the trials of life. 

If this album might not appeal to the extreme metallic audience, it definitely has an audience in everyone else who is walking the path of life. Isn’t that the entire human population?

Expedition Delta


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