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Our collaborator and correspondent from Los Angele Luca H. Gordon informs us that Nancy Sayle, a veteran publicist who worked with the greatest rock and metal musicians like Steven Adler, Rick Springfield, John 5, Marty Friedman and many others, Since She have been diagnosed with multiple degenerative sclerosis, she is organizing and conducting charitable events for this cause.
In this intimate Hella Horror Night event, which will be held on October 31 next to Broadway in the famous The Los Angeles Theather, three Halloween movies will be screened, two of which by director and vocalist Rob Zombie.

Many guests, artists and celebrities will glitter in the celebrity orange carpet:

1. Abbey MacDonald / VP Original Programming Katz Networks (former
2. Adam Weisman / Rob Zombie’s Halloween (Steve)/ Bio-Dome (Young
Bud)/ Hatchet (Skeleton/ Production Assistant)/
3. Akihura Kitamura / The Silk Road - coming 2018 (Ryusuke), Tokyo
Vampire Hotel (Gen), The Human Centipede (Katsuro), Human Centipede 3
(Inmate 333), Karate Kill (Sexy Japanese Man)
4. Alan Howarth / Composer: Halloween 2,3,4,5,6; Escape From New York;
Sound Design; Composer and works as co-composer with John Carpenter
5. Aleksandra Kaniak / Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 ( Lt. Zofia);
Grimm (Olga Myshkin)
6. Alex Czuleger / Owner/Mgr - Green Room Management
7. Allison King / Thank You for Your Service (Linda Sanders)
8. Amanda Troop / Wilfred (Stacey); Zoe and the Prince (Rayane)
9. Audrey Moore / Godless on Netflix (Sarah Doyle)
10. Bella Popa / Silicon Valley (Nicole Stein); Jane the Virgin (Shelly)
11. Bob McCracken / Sons of Anarchy (Brendan Roarke)
12. Christopher Allen Nelson / Oscar Winner for Best Achievement in
Makeup & Hairstyling - Suicide Squad; 2 time winner Primetime Emmy
Award for Outstanding Makeup and Prosthetic Makeup for a Limited Series or
Movie for American Horror Story and Freak Show; American Horror Story
(Special Effects Makeup Artist); Return of the Living Dead III (Actor as
himself/ Special Effects Makeup); Kill Bill I and Kill Bill II: (as Tommy
Plympton/ Special Effects Makeup Artist); The Walking Dead (Special Effects
Makeup Artist)

13. Sybil Danning
14. Debbie Sherman / The Vault (Lauren); Day of the Dead: Bloodline
15. Debra Wilson / Mad TV (self)
16. Dwight H. Little / Halloween 4 (Director)
17. Emmanuelle Vaugier / Saw II, Saw IV (Addison Corday)
18. Erik Preston / Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Young
Michael Myers)
19. Ervin Ross / Resurrection (Mike); Fuller House (Morris)/ American Crime
20. Gibel Family: Christy McGinity Gibel and Todd Gibel / Lifetime’s
Little Women: LA (selves, reality)
21. Jack Flanagan
22. Jeffrey Landman / Halloween 5 (Billy Hill)
23. Jenny Church-Cooper / (Manages Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka
Johnson of GLOW)
24. Kade Wise / Lucifer (Chet Ruiz); Homeland (Hakim)
25. Karibel Rodriguez / The Last Ship (Ella Ruiz); Criminal Minds (Brandy
Moore); NCIS LA (Officer Turner)
26. Katie Wee / Return of the Mac on Pop TV (Paige Kwan)
27. Kelsey Scott / Fear the Walking Dead (Sierra); How to Get Away With
Murder (Rose)
28. Kimmy Gatewood / GLOW (Stacey Beswick)
29. Lisandra Tena / Fear the Walking Dead (Lola Guerrero)
30. Matt Ilczuk / Entertainment Lab
31. Mishel Prada / Fear the Walking Dead Passage (Gabi)

32. Naomi Grossman / American Horror Story (Pepper)
33. Nicole G. Leier / Black Chicks (Producer/ Role of Girl); The Time is
Right (Dana) - in development
34. Rebekka Johnson / GLOW (Dawn Rivecca)
35. Risa Shapiro
36. Robin Nassif & Patrick Baca / Co-casting Director with Robin -
Halloween: Resurrection) - Halloween: Resurrection (Casting Director)
37. Scout Taylor-Compton / Rob Zombie’s Halloween & Halloween II
(Laurie Strode); Nashville (Erin); The Runaways (Lita Ford)
38. Tom McLoughlin / Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (Director), One
Dark Night, (Director)
39. Walter Phelan /House of 1000 Corpses (Dr. Satan); From Dusk Till

Dawn (The Monster)/ Convention All-stars/ Sean

... e molti altri


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