The Rock Against Diseases was held in Marghera, Venice on the 12 November 2017, at the Cinema Aurora. Head liner and main attraction were the L.A. Guns with their tour “Reunion Tour”. On guitar Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis on vocals. I guess that you all know that Tracii Guns was the first guitarist that with Axl Rose that formed “Guns n’ Roses”. When Tracii Guns left he formed the L.A. Guns. Touring with the Guns is an Irish group called “Stone Trigger” that go on stage just before the L.A. Guns.

Before that the concert started off their where stands of the amplifiers “Frog” all constructed exclusive built with valves that gives the guitar a much warmer sound. Alex De Rosso, who had played with “Dokken” for many years, he was there to have you try out the Frog amps and he gave a very ward and aggressive cast of sounds from his guitar playing. 

The organizers has a raffle for benefit and put on the counter a “Epiphone Special SG Model” autographed by all the band members of the L.A. Guns and also a military hat autographed by all the band.

The vine producer from the province of Venice “Prosecco 5 Fenicevini” with their slogan “Give Me 5”made for the L.A. Guns bottles of Prosecco covered with black velvet with the cover of their new album “The Missing Peace” and the name of their “Reunion Tour”. Great gift for the L.A. Guns that was appreciated.

The concert started at 18.30pm with Alex De Rosso on electric guitar and Steve Saluto on acoustic guitar and voices. There started off with “You Keep On Moving” from the album “Come Teats the Band” of Deep Purple. Very well interpreted with Steve’s that scratched our ears with his strong and powerful voce and Alex with his delicious guitar playing.

Then it was the turn of “Wardogs” a cover band of “The Ramones”, their punk rock got a great response from the audience. 

Then on stage went “Lambstone” with their original rock music with a great singer and guitarist that kept the audience in a good mood.

Then on stage come the time for “Stone Trigger” that warmed up the audience for the L.A. Guns. Their got all the audience off their sits and got them to dancing. They did some songs from their lattes CD “Ghost” that come out this year.

L.A. Guns did the last show of the night with Tracii Guns using the arc on his guitar and Phil Lewis gave with his voce the right atmosphere needed to bring alive the music. Their started off with the song “Electric Gypsy”, then with “Sex Action” and then “Talk About Love” at end of the song with the notes of “Paint It Black” of the Rolling Stones. 

Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns left the stage to let guitarist and vocalist Michael Grant take over, with Johnny Martin on bass guitar and Shane Fitzgibbon on drums and second voce. They played “Purple Rain” of Prince, dear Prince R.I.P. Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns came back on stage with the song “The Floods The Fault Of The Rain” then they all sat down to do “Kiss My Love Goodbye”. 

From left to right Johnny, Michael, Tracii, Phil and Shane sited at his drums set. Let’s all hope to see the L.A. Guns back in Italy soon.

Article and picture by Cesare Greselin.


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