EXCLUSIVE video interview with Randy Jackson


EXCLUSIVE interview with Randy Jackson

Zebra, the power trio from New Orleans, relocated in Long Island, played for first time in many years in Los Angeles.
Conformed by Feliz Hanemann, Guy Gelso and Randy Jackson, Zebra started in 1975 as a cover band, they playing songs from Led Zeppelin, Yes, Jehro Tull and Pink Floyd, but soon started working on its own compositions, earning a strong fan base in New York area.

Their progressive hard rock gave them the popularity that made them become Louisiana and Long Island Hall of Fame Inductees, in 2010 and 2012 respectively.
Randy Jackson spoke with rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon about the future of the band and his passion for The Beatles among other subjects.

HERE the video interview recorded at Whyskey a go go in L.A.

Pics and video courtesy by Luca H. Gordon

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