RAIMBOW new song


Ritchie Blackmore recorded a brand new rock track (with Ronnie Romero at vocals) titled "Waiting For a Sign". 
After 10 studio albums with Blackmore's Night (between 1997-2015), Ritchie felt nostalgic and made a surprising return to rock music with 3 concerts in 2016. 

Although those concerts received a mixed reactions from the fans, due to lack of pre-shows rehearsals and Ritchie surgery, it was good to see The Man In Black back in action with his white Strat. 
Last year another 4 concerts were played (better), recorded and will be released on April the 6th under a name "Memories In Rock II", a a live album which will include this new track. 

Also you can see Ritchie performing live again with his latest installment of Rainbow with another five concerts in April: 
2018-04-08 - Moscow, Russia 
2018-04-11 - St. Petersburg, Russia 
2018-04-13 - Helsinki, Finland 
2018-04-18 - Berlin, Germany 
2018-04-20 - Prague, Czech Republic

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