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We met the tightrope guitarist RICKY DE CAMARGO  for a series of questions and answers, we present you this exclusive interview!!

1. Hi Ricky, tell us when you have started musical career? 
Hello everyone from Eurockerz and to you who are reading this interview !!! Very nice to talk with you all.
My first contact with music was at my 13. Was December 31, about 8 p.m and I saw a acoustic guitar in my living room that belonged to uncle.
So he taught me my very first chords for a few weeks. After that I fell in love with music and guitar itself. I used to expand eight, ten, twelve, even fifteen hours per day learning how to play better and better. I had couple lessons with some guitar teachers but wasn't work out. But was fun.
One day I found Steve Vai's ''For the Love of God''. And after hear that song my world changed !!! Everything became about guitar. My mom bought me my very first guitar eletric guitar. I quit the school at my 15 years old and started to learn and play this kind of instrumental guitar songs that I fell in love like I said.
Then I found Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, a brazilian band called Angra and many other bands and guitar players which inspires me even today.

2. What is the genre of your sound?
My primary musical style is Instrumental Guitar Songs. More rock and progressive. I try to be the most diverse when I record an album. That's you can hear in ''Origins''. My very first solo album. We have more Metal songs, then more hard rock, some fusion on the way and some ballads at end. I try to bring lots of elements to my songs.

3. How would you describe your style? Which guitarist influenced your music?
I'm believe now my playing is more melodic than in some years ago. At that time I was more a shredder guy. But I think as long you grow up you became more mature in the way of living and at your professional area as well. My influences are basically the same today. I always love Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Kiko Loureiro, Mark Tremonti, which to me is the most awesome guitar player from 2000's. He's a complete musician, composing, singing, playing harmony and solo parts. A true inspiration for me.

4. What is the guitar brand that you prefer? and how is your technical equipment for the concert? 
I always enjoyed a brazilian brand called ''Tagima''. They make really great acoustic and eletric guitars for many and many years. Today I'm playing a model called ''ZERO''. But I do really enjoy to play with Ibanez and some Les Paul models for heavy and dropped guitar songs.
For concerts I'm very ''humble''. If I play my instrumental songs I like to use some VSTs like Guitar Rig 5. Which provides me a massive guitar tone and some pedals to push in the solo parts. In terms of cabinets I enjoy to play with Randall today. They have a awesome clean, crunchy and drive channels in they amps. Very glad to use these babies.

5. What is the meaning of the title "Origins", is this your solo debut?
Yes, ''Origins'' is my solo debut. An album that makes me feel really happy for can express all my feeling at time.
The concept is based in start something new, you know ? Like my partnership with Heart of Steel Records, which give the opportunity to record with him and help me to do the online distribution. Also giving insight about carrer and life. I expand lots and lots of years improving my playing and now I have the freedom to express my art. That is lovely and very honorable for a musician !!! That's I believe every artist should do.

6. Your ALBUM will be promoted in international media, what are your expectations?
I'm thrilled about that !!! It's like christmas eve, you know ? I wake up every morning and go see if some magazine or site made some comments about the album. And each time I see it's ''perfect'' you know ? That's really makes my day better. It's very cool to have the opportunity to show your art, your music for peoples around the world and specialized media it's very honorable.

7. Have your official video clip? how important is this media opportunity?
Absolutelly !!! Today we have a clip for the song ''Stand Your Ground'' that was recorded in my hometown few months ago.
In the next months probably we'll have another two coming up.

About the media opportunity I think today the musician has to take advantage of every single thing which can aggregate value to his work. If you can shoot a video. Even if the video is simple, do it. Cause the people want to SEE the artist today. So you need to give to the fans the chance to watch you and hear your songs.
The times are different today than was three decades ago. Our generations and the next ones grew and will grow up watching video clips. Going to massive concerts.
So this have a impact in how the music industry and the musicians has to behave today.

8. To promote the record are you planning a live tour?
Of course !!! We are scheduling the dates in Brazil and Europe to start our solo tour, starting probably January 2019.

9. Have you played in some important festivals?
I have played for many years is very nice clubs and music events in Brazil. In 2018 I made about 30 concerts and so far. I think 2019 will be a great year with Origins reaching all many more countries and people. So I'll see you very soon !!!

10. I would like to have your own point of view about the poor sales of the CD's, it's caused by the internet? technological development? 
or it's changed the mentality of the fans? 
that's a very good question. It's important to us talk about that. What I see today is the people are changing the way the consume many of things like art, music, food, travels, etc. As long changes always will happen. The people who develop the arts or products has to change as well. When the photograph show up many people think the painting will die. But not, both exist, even today. Specifically about the music industry, As long people change the way the look for songs and artist in different plataforms. The artist should do the same. The artist must meet his potential fan. He can do this today. We're in the best time to get in touch with people.
Before a very tiny percentual of artist had acess to record labels and can produce they songs. Today everybody can do it. And if you be good enough and know how to do partnerships with labels and another musicians you'll increase your chances to be successful. Of course there's a lot of things you as the artist should do first. Specially improving yourself and your art form.

Before I start my relationship with Heart of Steel Records, I used to sell the songs that I had recorded to my personal friends and online friends.
May of they enjoy to have the CD. So I print a cover for the album, recorded the songs in the CD and sent to him in their homes. Like old times. And everybody like it. Because beyond have your music to listen the fan understand that you put a extra effort to deliver what he really wants in that momment. I think always will have a space for the CD's. If I can give you a advice is: Do both if you can. Always recorded some CD's not just let the songs online. This will bring you very cool things.

11. How do you think about the international rock music scene? and the scene in your country?
I think the rock music always will live. Now the people have more styles to listen to. To me as long the songs do not have a sexual content. Or talk about drugs, drinking and have immoral behavior, I think is fine. But sadly isn't what we are seeing today. The ''singers'' and ''artists'' are more valued for they physical attributes than for your talent. This is very sad. But I think the things always can change for better if the people who hear this kinds of songs start to say ''NO'' to this kind of artists. Otherwise if you do songs just talking about drugs, alcohol, cars and money and people accept continue to listen and believe that what really matters after all this creates a vicious circle untill you break. So I hope the people change the way they create and listen music.

12. Where can we listen to your songs and where can we buy your stuff?
''Origins''is avaliable at Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music, Amazon, Itunes, and many other plataforms around the world. So check out ''Ricky de Camargo - Origins'' via Heart of Steel Records.


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