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Oregon-based rocker, Sarah Wild, dives deep into the darkest parts of her psyche with fury and passion on her new six-song EP, Underworld. Leading with the single, "Back Country Nightmare," the hard southern rock album expertly fuses elements of metal, alt country, and blues to illustrate a journey through the depths of one's own personal hell and the immense growth that can be found through suffering. Sarah Wild and her band, The Watch, along with producer Jeanot Lewis-Rolland, have created a gritty, heavy and purposeful album with Underworld, with the mission of encouraging listeners not to shy away from the difficult journeys we must embark upon as human beings on this planet, but instead embrace our own darkness in order to better understand how to be a force of good. Underworld is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

"Underworld is a narration of the inner journey, and how facing, understanding and owning your own darkness is a vital part of becoming a complete person," Sarah Wild (vocals and guitar) explains. "Each track is just a little different, but throughout them all there is this edgy, haunting feel that perfectly captures what I imagine a trip through the mythical underworld might feel like." The EP was recorded, produced and mixed by Jeanot Lewis-Rolland at the Interlace Audio and JLR Audio in Portland, with heavy and haunting performances from bandmates Everett Carlson (lead guitar, cigar box guitar, and slide guitar), Sean Woodcock (rhythm guitar and effects), Aron Schur (bass) and Ian Garner (drums). Their first single has already garnered the attention of Vortex Music Magazine, and found favor with B-Sides and Badlands, who placed the song on their Best of 2018 Spotify playlist shortly after it was released. One thing is for sure, Underworld solidifies Sarah Wild as a true rock 'n' roller, one with grit, passion, and a deeper mission that is felt with each track. "As Sarah Wild enters her perfectly gritty, edgy and just a little bit creepy 'Underworld' on her new EP, this heavy Southern rock sound with hints of blues and metal is exactly where she wants to be," explains Vortex Magazine.

The Sarah Wild character was dreamed up by frontwoman and songwriter Sarah Vitort. She imagines her Wild alter ego to be a mix of DC comic vigilantes and rock 'n' roll and punk leading ladies like Niagara and Joan Jett. In her mind, Wild is a black-hooded ass kicking siren that would no doubt find herself fighting fire with fire in the streets and bringing justice for the forgotten to the powers that be. With her team, The Watch, she plots to use her own dark side to unearth the evil that lurks beneath the surface of the mundane, armed with superhuman vocals, doomsday-bringing bass distortion, and guitar riffs that shoot to kill.

Underworld is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide. Keep an eye out for new music and updates at their official website 
or follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @iamsarahwild.


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