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Don't Be A "Stranger" To Sadistic Embodiment Drummer Bryan Newbury's Behind The Kit Video

Out Now! New Album “Blood Spell" via CDN Records

L-R – Bryan James Newbury (Drums); Jason Cullen (Rhythm Guitar); Wally Fischer (Lead Guitar); Curtis Vieville (Bass)
Photo Credit: Danika Challand AKA Demonika

Canada’s Sadistic Embodiment unleashed their new album “Blood Spell” this past September via CDN Records. The full length follows the band’s three EPs Beloved Imprisonment (2019), Blodörn (2018), and Self-Titled (2018).

Featuring a behemoth of nine assaulting tracks, drummer Bryan “Newbs” Newbury is sharing with fans cam footage of his terminator approach to the kit for the band's track "Stranger", which can be viewed 
via Newbury's Youtube channel



Bryan “Newbs” Newbury has been shredding the drum kit in Western Canada since 2002 working his way up the ranks to become one of the country’s most beloved, fun, positive, and beastly, bearded metal drummers. Newbury wears his obvious influences on his sleeve, literally! Heavy names like Gene Hoglan, Neil Peart, and Vinnie Paul shape his style and love of groovy hard-hitting metal.

Among his current band Sadistic Embodiment, Newbury also drums for international touring artists Into Eternity and Untimely Demise. He also is endorsed by Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, Remo Drum Heads, Sweet Spot Clutches, High Life Super Foods, Allmax Nutrition, Fresh Cap Mushrooms, and The Gilded Beard.

Sadistic Embodiment continues their sonic onslaught, each of the nine songs on “Blood Spell” has a distinct feel given the variation in vocal and instrumental styles throughout the album. Each track stands out and yet they are all uniquely Sadistic Embodiment. This will please old school death metallers and the new school with a variety of punch-in-your-face hooks, melodic passages, and absolutely brutal anthemic choruses.

The band comments on the album:

“After spitting out three EPs this last couple of years, we were really stoked and kind of nervous settling into a longer writing and recording process for Blood Spell. As per usual, we cranked out the material during bi-monthly jams, but this time we really took our time crafting the music once the main structure of the songs was built. Our sound is still exactly the same, but the listeners may hear more broad musical influences across the nine tracks.  There are tracks that sound distinctively Wally and Jason and certain tracks where you really hear Bryan shine as he shows off his technical prowess.

A lot of our songs are longer than your average death metal track, and they are relatively simple in regards to guitar and lyrical work. But with longer playtime, we were able to fit in more ambiance and guitars solos into every nook and cranny.”

“Blood Spell” is available on CD from CDN Records here and digitally on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Lyric Video - Catherine's Braid - YouTube
Lyric Video - 
Gallows Hill - YouTube 
Lyric Video - Phantom Tormentor - YouTube


Track Listing:
1. Stranger (4:41)
2. Gallows Hill (5:33)
3. Catherine’s Braid (6:03)
4. Phantom Tormentor (4:41)
5. Nebulae (Call of the Void) (2:48)
6. Suicide Ceremony (3:09)
7. Global Enema (4:06)
8. Flesh Deposition (5:37)
9. Cerebral Termination (5:26)
Album Length: 42:08

Sadistic Embodiment is:
Bryan James Newbury (Drums)
Jason Cullen (Rhythm Guitar)
Curtis Vieville (Bass)
Wally Fischer (Lead Guitar)

"Canadian death metal executioners Sadistic Embodiment have emerged from their quarantine torture chamber to release their first LP, Blood Spell. After establishing their brutality across three EPs, they’re ready to give the world a global enema on their full-length debut... Sadistic Embodiment will appeal to fans who want both mosh-ready slams and razorblade riffing. " - Decibel Magazine

"The band's new album, Blood Spell is full of hooks, riffs, blasts, and blends of old and new school death metal. Plus, Sadistic Embodiment shows you can throw Bryan Newbury (Into Eternity, Untimely Demise) behind the kit in any band and make gold out of the drumming... Early on in the album, one of the first songs to come across is "Gallows Hill". This song probably features the most riffs of any on the album, but one key part of Sadistic Embodiment is the lyrics. This is a band focused on telling a story with each song moreso than just trying to write the heaviest death metal out there. "- Metal Injection

"Edmonton's Sadistic Embodiment Channel Their Disdain for the Modern World on 'Blood Spell'" - Exclaim!

"Canadian metal outfit Sadistic Embodiment are gearing up for their new album, Blood Spell, out September 18th via CDN Records. The follow-up to their three consecutive EP’s Beloved Imprisonment (2019), Blodörn (2018), and Self-Titled (2018) is promised to be a continuation of their ruthless death diversity ranging from similarities of Gojira, Rotting Christ, to Bloodbath and Kataklysm." - Metal Insider

"The album weaves back and forth between thrash and full-on death metal, with surging hooks aplenty and a good deal of genuine catchiness – especially over the album’s front half – topped by the bark, growls and shrieks of bassist Curtis Vieville and guitarists Wally Fischer and Jason Cullen." - Metal Rules

"Pure and unadulterated death metal is at hand in the band’s assault, but don’t expect it to dull your senses as it continues. There’s a number of dark melodies that weave their way into the sound and craft some catchy moments that keep it brutal but still quite memorable. Not to mention some heavy grooves (see “Flesh Deposition”) that are definitely going to catch some ears. A rather promising debut for extreme music fans to dig into." - DeadRhetoric

"I can honestly say that SADISTIC EMBODIMENT would rip apart any venue with their music and all the crowd would be screaming along. SADISTIC EMBODIMENT is on the up, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for this powerhouse of a band. 10/10"  - Metal Temple

"By the time “Cerebral Termination” hits, “Blood Spell” isn’t a record you want to reach a conclusion. The tracks get better and better as it plays through from high quality starting point and the ideas and nuances just keep coming. Another one with seriously impressive lead work, it fades out all too soon. 8.5/10" - Metal Noise

"this is a meaty chunk of Death Metal... The songs are mostly mid-paced and full of pummeling, grooving riffs and unrelenting heaviness, but what helps set this apart from the masses are the startling tremolo sections and some deeply impressive lead work, which contains a keen sense of melody along with a degree of musicality that you don't often see in the genre... an enjoyable release from a talented band, and fans of more technical Death Metal will want to give it a listen. 3.75/5" - The Metal Crypt



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