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Hellbones are a super group that recently released their debut album. The two leaders of the band come from Sweden and Argentina and tell EUROCKERZ, exclusively, how this international project was born.

1. Hello guys, when did you plan to found Hellbones?

We met in the comment field of Magnus Karlsson (Magnus Karlssons Free Fall, Primal Fear etc.) 2018 and found out that we shared the same taste and influences of music. So started with one song and then Hellbones was born.

2. What were your personal musical experiences?

(Magnus) I’ve been in bands since I was 16, I started as bassist but pretty soon moved on to become a singer. I have released two albums with Mindfuel which sadly after the second release ran out into the sand.

(Rafael) My first experience with guitar was when I was 16 too. I started with a classical guitar which was in my house but soon I got my first electric guitar, I always loved that crunchy sound and making some noise, (lol). Mi first band was Vibora, we played cover songs of the bands we loved in those years, Kiss, Twisted Sister, etc, and also we had our own songs. Then comes the band Stonehenge. Some time after I have got involved in bigger projects like Tyrano and Nordica and also as a singer. Since 2006 I have been running my own recording studio "Heaven and Hell". 

3. How did you organize the remote recordings?

Organizing the recording was pretty easy, we just sent files to each other and if something wasn’t good enough we talked about it and changed it. Its very easy with the technology of today.

4. Will your "Crossing border" album have a CD or other format edition in addition to the digital version released by Heart Of Steel Records?

Crossing Borders will be digital release only

5. Who wrote the lyrics? Who composed the music?

Magnus wrote most lyrics and some music and Rafael wrote most of the music and some lyrics.

6. Who are the musicians who have collaborated as special guests?

Special guests on Crossing Borders are: Claudio ”Taka” Quesada from Tyrano Rock and Quesada/ Fidanza. Playing additional guitars. Patricio Molini from Nordica playing keyboards. Beto Vasquez from Beto Vasquez Infinity playing bass on ”Flashes of memory”. Ralf Scheepers(Primal Fear, Gamma Ray etc.) singing chorus on ”When night falls”.

7. Are you planning to make a video clip?

We are planning on making a video pretty soon.

8. Do you live in different realities, musically, what is the scene, rock bands, live music venues, magazines and radio stations in your country? Sweden and Argentina/Patagonia?

(Magnus) The music scene in Sweden right now is probably like in the rest of the world, on paus. Before the pandemic it was quite hard for a new band to get gigs.

(Rafael) Here in Argentina the situation is like in the rest of the world as Magnus said. I live in Patagonia, very faraway from the big cities. Fortunately we still have great radio metal shows here and also fanzines to keep the flame alive. Also my area is plenty of metal heads and bands!

9. What are your expectations for this album?

We hope this album will be the start of something bigger, maybe a chance to gather the band and play live.

10. Do you have your own website and social networks? Where can your fans find the info?

You can find us on: and on Facebook, our music is in all the digital platforms, check it out!


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