HERESIAE "Heresiae" EP Invincible Records 2011 Review

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The young Italian band HERESIAE published at the end of last year their debut EP named „Heresiae“ via Heart Of Steel Records.
Exitedly what to await I insert the cd and here we go! After the a bit space-like Industrial seeming intro here we go cheerful. 
The gents roll in finest Old School Death Metal manner like a roller through the following songs. 
It resounds with unspeakable hardness and dark growls a thunderstorm with thunder and rumble off my loudspeakers. 
Aggressive drumming which seems to unify the hate of the whole world into itself is supported by typical Death Metal riffs in the mid tempo area. 
The growls, screaming vocals of voclaist John fit outstanding in the overall structure and round off the general impression. 
The compact song structures which may also make leeway occasionally to the Industrial area offer an interesting alternative to the other Metal mishmash. 
It is offered here Death Metal of the other kind technically adept and with great joy of playing to the listener. 
HERESIAE prove with their EP that Metal style mixes in the Extreme Metal area may be quite worth hearing. 
Both thumbs up! I am sure that we will hear a lot more of this band in the future!!! Getting curious? Then check the guys at their homepage ( It's worth it!!!!

by Battlepig / Claudia

Line Up:

John – Lead Vocals
Francesco Petucco – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gabriele de Taddei - Bass
Davide Tonin - Drums


2.It's Only Human Fraity
3.Drone Existence
5.Life Moulders Away


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