OLIVER DAWSON SAXON "Motorbiker" album scheduled 27th February 2012

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OLIVER DAWSON SAXON "Motorbiker" album scheduled 27th February 2012, released by Angel Air Records!!

During the summer of 2000 the line up of OLIVER DAWSON SAXON took to the world stage and delivered great music that had been enjoyed for 20 years previously and their new music. 
Over the past decade they have released live albums and DVD’s.
“Motorbiker” is a brand new album of new songs and delivers heavy duty material from the masters and originators of NWOBHM.

1. Chemical Romance
2. Motorbiker
3. Whippin Boy
4. No Way Out
5. Just Another Suicide
6. Sinternet
7. Ghost
8. Nevada Beach
9. Screaming Eagles
10. World’s Gone Crazy
11. Hell In Helsinki
12. Nursery Crimes
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