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France's progressive metal act Sunbeam Overdrive was just about to hit the stages for the first time when the Covid-19 pandemic started, thus they had no choice but to pump all their efforts into their debut album "Diama". The psychedelic record is about elevation, travel, adventure, and energy. It's meant to lift you up yet make you endure the storm both inside and outside of yourself. Bridging the gaps between prog, alternative, and djent, Sunbeam Overdrive offers something groovy, unique, and original. They explain the journey one can expect to take throughout the album:

"Although not designed as a concept album, "Diama" nevertheless turns out to be crossed implicitly by a coherent line, which appeared to us once the album was finished. This line is that of the crests of the summits, more precisely a notion of ascent, elevation, exterior as interior. It translates into the quasi-cinematic succession of pieces forming an initiatory journey throughout the 10 songs."

"Diama" is an adventure, solitary, a life journey, its trials and tribulations translated in the form of a wide sound surrounding the listener to try to confront them with themselves, their own experiences, and their own emotions and make them start their own journey. The album was composed in a precise way, with a specific role for each track according to strict architecture and articulation of colours for maximum balance. They start with a very cinematic instrumental opening track, followed by four intense songs, then another very cinematic instrumental interlude, then four intense songs to finish the experience that includes the band covering Eddie Vedder's cover version of Indio's song "Hard Sun" (from Into The Wild movie soundtrack (2007)).

Produced, and mixed by Tom Abrigan; mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima with album artwork done by Christophe Dessaigne, the album is a progressive, alternative journey into the mind.

Listen to the album's full stream ahead of its release on May 12th by Tentacles Industries / Season of Mist via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

Album pre-order is available at the following links:

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Lyric Video - Out of Plato's Cave -

Track Listing:
1. Ascending (1:47)
2. Diama (6:14)
3. Slave To The Void (5:14)
4. Crimson Stains (4:49)
5. Diamond Shape (7:10)
6. Junction: Buhl's Eye (1:20)
7. Deaf And Blind (4:47)
8. Shen (5:45)
9. Out Of Plato's Cave (5:05)
10. Hard Sun (5:49) (cover of Eddie Vedder cover version of Indio (Gordon Peterson) song) (Into The Wild - movie - 2007)
11. Fainted Core (Bonus Track - Live Acoustic) (6:08)
Album Length: 54:08

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Tom Abrigan - Guitars & Vocals
Karim Arnaout – Vocals
Laurent Duclouet – Drums
Bruno Morgana - Bass

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About: Founded around professional musicians in 2019 and hailing from Marseille, southern France, SUNBEAM OVERDRIVE is mixing progressive metal and '90s alternative rock. Hard at work since day one, the band quickly released its first 3-track EP and performed their very first show at the famous German Euroblast Festival in October 2019. Sunbeam Overdrive was about to hit the stages when the Covid-19 pandemic started... In turn, and after a few line-up movements, they started producing their first full-length album "Diama", to be released worldwide in 2023.

"Out Of Plato's Cave - One of Six cool new prog tracks you need to hear this week (March 16, 2023)" - Prog Mag

"Bang this album into your vehicle's sound system or blast it through your headphones, as you rock out to 'Diama' by Sunbeam Overdrive. It is THE soundtrack for your journey of solitary existence!" - Metal-Rules

"As far as the songs go, I love the whole album, but 'Diama' was amazing. 'Slave To The Void', 'Crimson Stains', 'Deaf And Blind', and 'Out Of Plato's Cave' were all great. There's a cover of 'Hard Sun' from Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Peterson as well. They're doing a version closer to the Pearl Jam version, but either way they do a great job with it. Overall, I have to give this one a 9 out of 10 "Flaming Fists" due to its creativity, musicianship, production and overall song-writing. It's one of the most diverse and heavy albums I've heard lately, it deserves a much bigger audience." - Rock You Radio

"Soon, on •• Tentacles Industries •• , the release of the new album by French quartet Sunbeam Overdrive. It's called Diama and Crimson Stains is the new single to entice you for the rest of the album soon to come. Scream, djent, progressive, alternative metal and all sorts of core elements come at you from all sides. Circling around you like a riff tornado, this single is but one of the many tracks that hurl you through space and time, and the storm both inside and out of you. It fits perfectly with the concept that seems to be surrounding the album…" - Stoner Hive

"Standing out from the progressive metal pack with their interesting touches of 90's alt-rock, Sunbeam Overdrive tickle the senses with their wandering intro of Ascending and the choppy, raw, and animated title track. Before they really lean into the 90's alt-rock soundscape with Slave to the Void. Where sections of heavy groove come crashing down on the head. Followed then by the anthemic and manic energy of Crimson Stains, one of the album's more intense moments as Sunbeam Overdrive go quite hard and heavy here.... Though if you're after something with a more serrated edge, Out of Plato's Cave will cause some damage. Sunbeam sounding both furiously heavy and grandiose in equal measures. Another highlight of the record simply because of the hectic pacing." - Games, Brrraaains & Head-Banging Life

"Welcoming us in an oriental atmosphere (which can also evoke the last Hypno5e for once), Diama really starts with the title track, pulsed and muscular, it takes us without hesitation into the rich universe of the Marseilles managing to stall us unstoppable Devin Townsend- inspired vocal melodies ." - Eklektik-Rock

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