Alex De Rosso with russian superstar PUSHKING!!

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PUSHKING is One of Russia's most popular metal/rock bands, has released over 15 albums.
The band's new CD, "The World As We Love It", will contain 19 songs covering PUSHKING's entire discography since 1996 and featuring contributions from some of "the greatest vocalists and musicians" from the world rock scene.

"The World As We Love It" tracks:

* Night Rider (vocals, guitar: Billy Gibbons)
* It'll Be O.K. (vocals: Billy Gibbons, guitar: Nuno Bettencourt)
* Blessing Traveller (vocals: John Lawton, guitar: Steve Stevens)
* Cut The Wire (vocals: Paul Stanley, guitar: Stevie Salas)
* God Made Us Free (vocals: Graham Bonnet, guitar: Dobro Al Perkens)
* Head Shooter (vocals: Joe Lynn Turner)
* Heroin (vocals: Jorn Lande)
* I Believe (vocals: Jeff Scott Soto)
* I Love You (vocals: Dan McCafferty)
* My Reflection After Seeing The Schindler's List Movie (vocals: Koha, guitar: Steve Vai)
* My Simple Song (vocals: Dan McCafferty)
* Nature's Child (vocals: Udo Dirkschneider)
* Open Letter To God (vocals: Eric Martin)
* Private Own (vocals: Glenn Hughes, guitar: Matt Filippini)
* Tonight (vocals: Glenn Hughes, guitar: Joe Bonamassa)
* Trouble Love (vocals: Alice Cooper, guitar: Keri Kelli)
* Why Don't You (vocals: Glenn Hughes, guitar: Dobro Al Perkens)
* Kukarracha (vocals: Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Eric Martin, Paul Stanley, Glenn Hughes; guitar: Steve Lukather)
* That's All That Love Can Do (bonus track)

The album's is produced by Fabrizio Grossi.

with italian stars, Alex De Rosso - guitars and Bob Parolin - drums!
Konstantin "KOHA" Shustarev - vocal, guitars
Oleg "IVANICH" Bondaletov - keyboards
Dmitriy "MITYA" Losev - guitars
Keri Kelli - guitars
Peter Makienko - bass


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